Structure’s Value

The value of structure is something I now understand from both sides of the discussion. I didn’t understand what it did for me until I’d removed it from, or at least greatly reduced its importance in, my life. Structure supported my success as an entrepreneur and it gave me the backbone I needed to manage my life. The lack of structure allowed me to drop my guard, effectively killing my first business, and to be less powerful in managing my life.

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E². “E squared” or Eating and Exercise. That’s the secret formula to high performance. That’s the secret formula for the foundation of transformation. That’s the secret to better ADD/ADHD management, too. I’ve said it before and will continue to say it: healthy eating and frequent exercise are good for everyone. It takes a healthy body to be a high performer.

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Driver Or Passenger?

When I worked for corporations I recognized there were workers and leaders. Both are needed to keep the cogs turning in a business. Everyone needs to work and pull their weight, only some are in the trenches all the time doing that, while others are in the trenches occasionally and out of the trenches other times so they can keep a broader perspective, and make decisions for the business.

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Memorization Learning Tip

It’s been awhile since I had to memorize something. Those brain cells lose their elasticity with memorization without constant work. I’m struggling with learning a 5-minute presentation I wrote to give for Ignite. It’s *only* five minutes long and I haven’t embedded it in my brain to present with timed slides. I know the material. Maybe it’s my monkey ADD brain playing games with me. Out of desperation and frustration though I came up with an excellent plan to make this presentation mine.

When your memorization skills play games with you and you struggle with learning a simple “something”, try this…..


Your Productivity Tool Bag

The audience members of Ignite Ridgway I spoke with afterward all commented that they used the Structure component of time management from the tool bag I presented that night. They used it for themselves and/or their kids. ADD runs in families, you know.  🙂  Initially, I thought I’d underestimated my audience and was guilty of speaking to the choir.

Later I realized that only a few told me they’d learned they couldn’t make sweeping changes in their routines so used the Strategy of baby steps. What I realized though, is that not one person talked about the Self Care component, especially taking hourly breaks.

Regardless of what spurs you to want to be more productive, to live a high performance life, it’s vital to take hourly breaks. You not only are more productive when you do that but you also are more refreshed at the end of a busy, productive day when you take hourly breaks.