Do You Enjoy the Value of Alignment?

Maryland’s Eastern Shore used to be such a great playground for me! Riding the waves with my body as the surfing vehicle was so much fun to learn to do! Hunting the best wave and then riding it to the shore was thrilling! For days I perfected my skills…until the last wave of the trip. I was mid-way into diving into a wave when from the corner of my eye I caught sight of an even better wave, so I turned into it. The original wave caught me and twisted me, wrenching my neck in the process. Ouch!

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Are You Stuck by Perfection?

I see gratitude and hear appreciation as people tell me how I’ve inspired them to become sugar-free, or at least to greatly reduce their sugar intake. People are amazed that I would give up alcohol (that’s a positive and negative sense of amazement on their part, by the way!) A common question is that without sugar and alcohol, which I also gave up since its effect on the body is so similar to sugar, how do I celebrate? You should see me!

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When a friend asked me what my “lessons” were from walking the Camino de Santiago, an 800 km (500 mile) walk from the French Pyrenees across northern Spain to the city of Santiago, I had an answer ready: it is something I thought about along the way, and in the months following. After sharing with him the three biggest lessons I gained, one “big” lesson really came to mind.

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