Will Living Longer Lives Push Earth’s Resources To The Limit?

When I was in 5th grade, a friend called me out on my littering as we walked through the field from her house to mine. She taught me that litter was my responsibility. Especially my litter. My trash scattered on the landscape detracted from its beauty — for me and everyone else looking at it.

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That’s Just The Way It Is

That’s just the way it is. You’ve heard that said. Maybe you’ve even said it. But, is it?

It’s a human trait, I have observed, to learn something once and stick with that knowledge. Sometimes we figure out on our own how things really are. Even when things change, even when what we learned may not have been accurate then. How many outdated or imagined ideas do you have in your collection of knowledge?

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Rethinking Retirement Homes

Boarding homes for seniors.“Poor homes” or “poor farms”. In the early 1900s, these are where elderly people went to live when their families weren’t able to care for them. Initially, the county an elderly person lived in shouldered the responsibility of caring for the aging population. Medicare/Medicaid took that over when it was formed in the mid 1950s.

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