ADD By Any Other Name

When I see the shame, anger, and denial people express about their ADD/ADHD, I find myself wishing there was a different term for this syndrome. There’s nothing wrong with us! We’re wired differently, which is to the world’s benefit. Seeing gifted people pull back, hide, and avoid their gift breaks my heart. There are two […]

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ADD: A Different Kind of Wiring

Too many people feel shame about having ADD, in my observations and opinion. It reminds me of reactions people had about getting any sort of mental health therapy 15 and 30 years ago; there was a real taboo about it. Frankly, I don’t understand the reaction to either situation. Anytime we have a body part […]

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ADD Denial

It’s been interesting for me to watch the various reactions to my discussions around ADD. One of the biggest reactions is denial. Denial that I have ADD, denial that they have ADD, and denial that ADD is really a thing since “almost everyone” has it. (more…)

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The Six Elements Of Life

One goal of space exploration is to find the six elements of life. Finding them, as we have on Mars, is evidence that life as we know it could exist there. It doesn’t mean it is there, only that it is possible. What a great filter to explore with! The critical six elements scientists look […]

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Routines Versus Ruts

The idea for this article started gelling one morning when my brain was working on changing one of my sleeping habits — while I was sleeping. I know, I should have been sleeping, but working to create the new habit was important, and that effort lead me to think the role habits play in our […]

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The Importance of Language in Growth

Your mind has three levels: Conscious, Pre-conscious, and Unconscious. Where do you spend most of your time? Hopefully In the conscious level. Let’s check it out. When you are taking control of your life and in charge, you are in the Conscious level of your mind. This is the level where high performers spend majority […]

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ADD Crutches

I wrote an article a couple of weeks ago about the various kinds of crutches people can use to get through life — using behavior like the cast you’d put on a broken limb. Just as you have to remove the cast from the limb and strengthen your muscles, you have to remove the emotional […]

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The “You” Show

The videos shot in the last week of May addressed how you cast yourself in your life. They addressed how proactive you are in your life and the way you play your role. How do you cast your life? An analogy I’ve come up with for how we deal with our lives is how we […]

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Walkin’ On

Walking is my theme these days as I train for my “little jaunt” this fall. So today I want to talk about walking On, In, and To. Walking On Dr Loeffler, my geography professor, always said that you don’t really know a place until you’ve walked the land. I knew he was right but it […]

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