Do Better Than Cope With Your ADD

You deserve to do more than get by or cope. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. Getting by and coping don’t lead to a life of joy. Getting diagnosed and treated is the first step in learning to manage your ADD and your life. That’s the first step toward thriving. ADDers sometimes get […]

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Memorization Learning Tip

It’s been awhile since I had to memorize something. Those brain cells lose their elasticity with memorization without constant work. I’m struggling with learning a 5-minute presentation I wrote to give for Ignite. It’s *only* five minutes long and I haven’t embedded it in my brain to present with timed slides. I know the material. […]

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What’s Your Type?

What’s your type — your “neurotype” that is? Or, where is your intelligence stronger? ADDers have wonderful gifts, gifts that often aren’t recognized by standard measures. (more…)

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Your Productivity Tool Bag

The audience members of Ignite Ridgway I spoke with afterward all commented that they used the Structure component of time management from the tool bag I presented that night. They used it for themselves and/or their kids. ADD runs in families, you know.  🙂  Initially, I thought I’d underestimated my audience and was guilty of […]

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Anxiety Unraveled

I never thought of myself as an anxious person. I thought anxiety was more like panic or phobias, and I don’t tend toward panic or phobia. My thoughts have changed with my ADD research. Anxiety is not what I thought it was, it’s more. What is your definition of anxiety? (more…)

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Mindful Communication

People want to be heard and understood, though that’s not always clear from their words and actions. The best way to accomplish that is to actively listen, ask clarifying questions along the way. The trick is to ask about their feelings by reflecting back what you hear and see. This isn’t the time to offer […]

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The C-Word

How committed are you to your dreams, goals, and purpose? Will you give up plans you’ve made when your Purpose needs your attention? When my Camino walking partner chose her Purpose over her plans to walk the Camino I was struck by her dedication to that Purpose. I pondered: if I were as committed to […]

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Massive Action

Action overcomes all that holds me back in life. Taking action moves me forward.  Taking Massive Action propels me toward my goals. That’s what I did when I made the decision to postpone my Pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. After planning and training for a year and a half my initial reaction was to […]

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Kit, Not On The Camino

Tough decisions have to be made sometimes. How do you handle those situations? The proactive approach is to do something that supports your heart, soul, and mind. Since I wasn’t going to be walking the Camino de Santiago during September and October, as planned for a year and a half, I decided to invite my […]

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Rewire Your Brain

Synapses that fire together wire together. That’s a powerful statement that is going to make a big difference in your life. Watch as I spin two seemingly contradictory concepts – gratitude and complaining — together for you to use in your focused and energetic life using that statement. (more…)

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