Negative Cycles

Years ago I went through a period where I was stuck in a negative reaction cycle. I’d let someone’s opinion of me, or a perceived slight, get under my skin, or I’d get annoyed by actions and mistakes people made. My brain would endlessly chew on the “slight” or behavior and spin around and around it. It was driving me crazy! Probably literally. I didn’t enjoy this cycle, to say the least.

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Lover, Liker, Loather

I’ve decided to be a Lover.

My trip through “ScIreland” was a delight. And I knew the people I interacted with and I were divided by a common language. There were differences in Belfast, for example, not only because of the language differences but also because of the cultural differences. People who have been divided by war — or The Troubles — see life and the world differently than I do. There were differences even between the Catholic and Protestant sections of town. For example, graffiti in the Catholic section wasn’t acceptable while it was almost encouraged in the Protestant section.

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