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LIFE Conversations with Kit — High Performance with co-host Alex Neil

High performance is living your life to your best abilities and working on upping your game regularly.

We discussed the six pillars of high performance. They are Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, Influence, and Necessity.

  • Clarity involves knowing your why and defining your north star.
  • Energy is not only your physical energy but also your mental, emotional, and spiritual energy.
  • Courage includes doing the hard thing, overcoming blocks in life, and taking right action.
  • Productivity is reaching goals, accomplishing projects, and doing what you committed to doing — it’s so much more than just staying busy it.
  • Influence is almost like an act of service, not manipulation, and communicated through negotiations and with integrity.
  • Necessity maintained when you connect your emotion and your why to the goal, and it gives you the discipline to carry on.

LIFE Conversations with Kit — Mindset with co-host Alex Neil

Mindset is a huge contributor to what you make of your life.

We covered Fixed/Closed/Finite mindsets and contrasted them with Growth/Open/Infinite mindsets. Our conversation was based on our reading of the top book on mindset by Carol Dweck — Mindset, research, Simon Sinek — The Infinite Game, and our own personal stories from our experiences in life. Kit also mentioned Unreasonable Hospitality, Will Guidara as an interesting book on leadership in the restaurant industry, concepts that apply to every business; the concepts use mindset.

LIFE Conversations with Kit — Imposter Syndrome with co-host Alex Neil

Do you feel like an imposter?

We talked about:

  • the difference between feeling and looking like an imposter
  • it can be a time for growth
  • it comes with the discomfort of discovery and the uncertainty of newness
  • it can be an expression of humility or arrogance/superiority
  • feeling like an imposter comes from realizing you are doing and learning new things
  • it happens when you set hard or impossible goals
  • whether you are an Imposter or Explorer in your life

LIFE Conversations with Kit & Alex — Knowing and Standing/Living In Your Truth with co-host Alex Niel

What it takes to Know Your Truth and Stand/Live In That Truth.

We talked about:

  • How do you learn what your truths are
  • How values and truths are similar, and aligned
  • Using self-awareness and self-reflection to find and stand in your truths
  • The necessity of exploring your beliefs, pruning away the outdated truths
  • Bridging your Knowing to your Action with mindfulness
  • How authenticity and boundaries fit into living your truth
  • Implementing self-compassion, self-kindness, and patience in your path

LIFE Conversations with Kit — Finding Fulfillment with co-host Alex Niel

Finding Fulfillment is a basic tenant in a happy, healthy life.

We talked about:

  • what makes you feel fulfilled
  • whether fulfillment requires improving the world
  • how being in alignment with your values and mission contributes to your fulfillment
  • what gets in the way of fulfillment
  • how your responsibilities and obligations interact with fulfillment — or not
  • how the lack of fulfillment provides areas for growth
  • longevity relates to fulfillment because when you feel fulfilled you take better care of yourself, you make better life choices

LIFE Conversations with Kit — Live Your Dash with co-host Alex Niel

Live Your Dash is the concept of being actively engaged and vibrantly involved with your life — or not — that time between birth and death.

We talked about:

  • directing your life
  • freedom and independence
  • being true to yourself
  • living a life of obligation
  • pursuing your dreams
  • filling your life with whatever you want to fill it with
  • being present — living TODAY by leaving your baggage at the door and living for your future self today
  • having no regrets
  • pursuing your passions
  • living in harmony with people but not at the detriment of your own happiness (avoid people pleasing)

Are you living with gusto or living a safe life of no challenge or adventure? We concluded that living a safe life is not “living you dash”. Are you living the life you dream of or what others dream of for you?

LIFE Conversations with Kit — Cycles of Life with co-host Edith Johnston

Cycles of Life are the natural progressions and changes that happen in life — in all aspects of life.

We talked about:

  • our cycle from infancy to adolescence to middlescence to elderescence
  • bringing gratitude and forgiveness into our cycles
  • celebrating progress and growth, acknowledging the cycles, and finding joy in what we do
  • creating balance in your life as you cycle through your life
  • pacing yourself

Life is full of circles and motion. Making the most of that pattern and movement is fun and fascinating — when you recognize it what it is and then creating the life you want while using those cycles to your benefit.

LIFE Conversations with Kit — Fail To Succeed with co-host Edith Johnston

Failure isn’t an ending, it’s a beginning — if your mindset is set that way. The “failures”, or mistakes, we have can be our best teachers. That’s part of the fuel to move us forward.

We talked about:

  • being the captain of your own ship, taking care to not be the captain of your Titanic
  • mastery vs perfection
  • success is a journey, not a destination
  • our lives are finite and our life in infinite
  • your language is shaped by your experiences and in turn shapes the game you play
  • fixed/finite vs infinite games and open vs closed mindsets
  • being engaged in life

This conversation is a lovely example of my Italian Cammino.

LIFE Conversations with Kit — The Challenge Excites Me with co-hosts Edith Johnston and Alex Niel

Having an anchor, mantra, or thought to help you be grounded when challenge presents itself is what inspired me to have this topic for Conversations. The Conversation ranged far and wide through the concept of challenge, problem, opportunity.

Challenges have an emotional component first then move into thoughts. Your mindset and curiosity guide — or even dictate — where you take your challenge.

What an invigorating, hour-long Conversation.

LIFE Conversations with Kit & Alex — Are You Having Fun Yet? with co-host Alex Niel

The question “Are you having fun yet?” usually comes while you are working on a project that’s probably being seen as drudgery or worse. Can you turn that around and live your life with the idea of incorporating fun into all parts of your life all of the time?

Do you allow yourself to have fun at least weekly? How do you define fun? Can you integrate fun into your work culture and day? What do you do that is fun?

These are questions we asked and played with in our hour conversation.

LIFE Conversations with Kit & Alex — What Is The New Smoking? with co-host Alex Niel

What habits do you have that impact you as smoking would have (does)? Kit and Alex chew on this question to highlight some of the things in your life that could be hurting you.

We raise the questions in hopes you’ll experiment and discover what you can change to improve the quality of your life. Covered are topics like: Movement, Sleep, Ageism, Fragrance, Isolation/Loneliness, and Stress.

The Legacies We Leave: Conversations on Fulfillment, Joy, and Purpose with Alex Niel

LIFE Conversations with Kit & Alex — Courage with co-host Alex Niel

Using courage to create and live the life of your dreams is empowering and satisfying. Alex Neil, a High Performance and Mindset Coach at ANeil Int’l, and Kit Cassingham, Longevity Coach at Live In Focused Energy, discuss what courage is, where it comes from, how you use it in your life — and its companion emotion of fear.

LIFE Conversations with Kit & Alex — Knowing And Using Your WHY with co-host Alex Niel

Knowing your Why is knowing why you do what you do. Your WHY.os helps you understand how you show up in the world. Alex Neil, a High Performance and Mindset Coach, and Kit Cassingham, Longevity Coach at Live In Focused Energy, discuss why it’s valuable and important to know your purpose and passion, and how having clarity helps you show up as your authentic self.

The EndGame: How To Live A Long, Joyful Life – by Don Akchin (

Move Into Your Dreams: Conversations with Kit & Don — Surviving the Holidays with co-host Don Downs

This Conversation revolves around where stress comes from for you, your willingness to take control of your life, the changes you could make to improve the fun factor and ease of the holidays, the emotions behind the holidays, and making your holidays yours.

Conversations: Escape Your Humdrum Life and Move Into Your Dream — Stress, Fear, and Beyond with co-host Don Downs

How much do stress and fear rule your life? I’ll bet quite a bit. They do for most people, no matter what you call the stress or the fear.

Your business and personal life are impacted in more ways than you can imagine. And I’m sure you can imagine a lot. Do you have stress or fear about COVID, working, retiring, meeting people, going to the office party, or walking across a suspension bridge?

Conversations: Escape Your Humdrum Life and Move Into Your Dream — Calvinball with co-host Don Downs

Do you play Calvinball? You know, changing rules to fit your needs or suit your whims? Everyone does. It’s easier to see it in others than in yourself.

How is your Calvinball affecting your life, your relationships, or your work? Can you use Calvinball to your benefit, or is it to your detriment? By becoming aware of the nuances it has in your life you can see what it’s doing to you or for you.

Conversations: Escape Your Humdrum Life and Move Into Your Dream — Monetize Your Hobby with co-host Don Downs

Do you have a hobby or three? Have you considered turning that into your primary income source, or even a solid secondary source?

Why Not Wednesday with Daniel Dominguez of the WHY Institute

Conversations: Escape Your Humdrum Life and Move Into Your Dreams — Sounds of Silence with co-host Don Downs

Do you incorporate Sounds of Silence into your life? What does that mean to you? It may surprise you the number of ways you can do that.

Conversations: Escape Your Humdrum Life and Move Into Your Dreams — Practical Feng Shui with co-host Don Downs

Curious how Feng Shui can be practical in your life? Maybe you are already applying principles, maybe you shun its validity, or maybe you’ve never heard of it before. Kit Cassingham (Longevity Coach at Live In Focused Energy) and Don Downs (the RV Business Coach) talk about Practical Feng Shui from various angles.

Conversations: Escape Your Humdrum Life and Move Into Your Dreams — Community with co-host Don Downs

Community has always been important to people, in many cases ensuring their survival. Kit Cassingham (Longevity Coach at Live In Focused Energy) and Don Downs (the RV Business Coach) talk about Community from various angles.

Conversations: Escape Your Humdrum Life and Move Into Your Dreams — Anxiety with co-host Don Downs

Anxiety is more than fear and shows itself in our lives in more than one way. It can restrict or constrain you and it can motivate and activate you. The Conversation is about what Anxiety means in the host’s lives — and maybe in yours.

Have You Experienced The Fear Of Missing Out? (FOMO) with Don Akchin host of the Council of Elders

Conversations: Escape Your Humdrum Life and Move Into Your Dreams — POSITIVE AGING with co-host, Don Downs

As we live longer it makes sense to live better. A positive attitude as you age helps smooth the way. Your lifestyle choices impact your life and lead to — or away from — a better life. What does Positive Aging mean in your life, and how you can create it for yourself? That’s the question explored in this Conversation.

14 + Moves, exercise routine (isometrics and yoga), mentioned during the call.

Life In The Slow Lane with Don Akchin host of the Council of Elders

Conversations: Escape Your Humdrum Life and Move Into Your Dreams — ENERGY MANAGEMENT with co-host Don Downs

Managing your energy helps you manage your life. There’s not much you can accomplish in life without energy, so if you want to accomplish lots and have fun along the way, knowing what you need to do to improve your energy will help you improve your life.

Could You/Would You/Should You Live To Be 120? with Don Akchin host of the Council of Elders

Conversations: Escape Your Humdrum Life and Move Into Your Dreams — MINDSET with co-host, Don Downs

Your mindset holds you back or propels you. When you live with a closed mindset you tend to be held back from life — health, joy, success, adventure. With an open mindset your options — excuse the pun — open up for you and you enjoy life — health, joy, success, adventure. If you think you can or you think you can’t — you’re right. Which is your choice? That’s the Conversation we had in this call.

New And Improved: Is Keeping Up with News Hazardous to Your Health? with Don Akchin host of the Council of Elders

Conversations: Escape Your Humdrum Life and Move Into Your Dreams — TRANSITIONS with co-host, Don Downs

Change is life — graduation, marriage, having children, divorce, job changes, retirement. How do you respond to the changes in your life? Do you get angry, resentful, depressed, or do you rejoice, blossom, and flourish? We talk about the variety of transitions people face.

What’s Ageism Got To Do With It with Don Akchin host of the Council of Elders

High Ticket Coaching & Consulting Strategy & Growth with Extus Justin

Love’s Curriculum and Amplify Love podcast with Jenny Randolph

Walk It Out presented at Ignite Montrose September 2019.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Cathedral…. 🙂
When you are creating your Camino Family all kinds of learning opportunities present themselves.
The Great Arm wrestling is such an opportunity.

Why Would Anyone Walk the Camino de Santiago, Anyway? A talk at the Montrose Senior Center.

Me at the 100km-to-go marker on the Camino de Santigo in Galicia, Spain

Uncommon Sense podcast with Randy Cassingham

The Resilience Element video podcast with Francis Piché

The Drummer and the Great Mountain podcast with Michael Joseph Ferguson

Invest In Your Child, video podcast with Holly McMullin Anderson

Doing the Work podcast with Jay and Becca

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