About Kit

Entrepreneurs and professionals have been helped to create more focus, energy, and balance in their lives with Kit Cassingham’s guidance for more than 29 years. As the founder of Live In Focused Energy (LIFE), she supports people as they empower themselves to achieve their full potential. Clients get help in cultivating the habits that support higher focus on their ultimate goals for a more successful life. That also requires a strong, steady energy supply and is central to Kit’s attention.

Life tends to grow ever more full, chaotic and demanding (more unfocused), and thus you feel ever more depleted and drained. Regain control of your life, achieve balance, become more conscious of attitudes and actions that will serve you, and rediscover meaning and joy using the techniques Kit teaches you.

Become one of the entrepreneurs to realize their full potential of energy and performance through Kit’s high performance Focus Coaching because of the passion she uses in guiding her clients. Have you ever felt so focused and energized you knew you were at peak performance? Do you consistently have that level of energy and focus now? Do you feel that peak performance often enough? You can, and you deserve it. You can learn to live a focused, balanced, and joyous life of high energy.

Kit’s Experience

Kit coaches from what she’s learned through decades of experience as an entrepreneur herself. She was a bed and breakfast innkeeper for a busy 11-room inn and a 12-room inn with a full bar and 50-seat restaurant. She had to learn to care for herself so she could offer better care to her guests, as well as providing top-notch customer service.

Those combined experiences became the foundation of several businesses. When Kit moved on to consulting for the B&B industry, she emphasized the value of focus and balance. As a B&B real estate broker, she balanced her successful practice with volunteer work and continuing education in both real estate (GRI, CCIM, and CIPS) and more esoteric topics (Feng Shui, Kriya Yoga, and American Sign Language).

A serial entrepreneur, Kit has launched several online businesses and projects, including:

  • B&B educational courses.
  • A global directory of green hotels.
  • An educational website for the hospitality industry with articles on why and how to be green and profitable.
  • Numerous content-rich websites.

All of these pursuits, while also giving back to her community as a volunteer, have helped Kit hone the insights she brings to coaching and her LIFE program.

Kit lives in Western Colorado with her husband, and enjoys traveling, reading, sewing and cooking for relaxation. Their home and office views let them soak up breathtaking panoramas of two mountain ranges.