Rethinking Retirement Homes

Boarding homes for seniors.“Poor homes” or “poor farms”. In the early 1900s, these are where elderly people went to live when their families weren’t able to care for them. Initially, the county an elderly person lived in shouldered the responsibility of caring for the aging population. Medicare/Medicaid took that over when it was formed in the mid 1950s.

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The Opposite of Fear Is…

Four years ago I wrote an article about what the “opposite” of fear is. In it, I shared what others thought it might be, tossed around some of my ideas, and drew some analogies, but ultimately concluded I didn’t have any answers and didn’t think there was one correct answer.

Consider the path to my different conclusion. I’ve identified fear as the basis for most, if not all, of the issues my clients bring to me to help them work through so they can live more satisfying, successful, and joyous lives.

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Freedom From Paralyzing Fear

In Northern Ireland, there’s a rope bridge that goes from the mainland near the Giant’s Causeway to the tiny island of Carrickarede. When I visited there I was excited to cross the bridge to “get to the other side”. All I knew about it when I decided to go is what I’ve told you so far. It sounded like a fun adventure.

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