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Transform Your Life

Kit Cassingham, High Performance Coach

I help entrepreneurs get unstuck, guiding you to clear the chaos and overcome the obstacles that can run rampant through your life. When you feel stuck, you experience challenges and distractions, detracting from the quality of your life. Learning new habits and mindsets helps you create the life you deserve. Developing the right tools helps you manage the challenges that will confront you.

ADD entrepreneurs have even greater challenges. But I think they have an amazing gift, and when they embrace and harness their brain wiring they change the world in astounding ways, and I especially enjoy working with them. Focus is required to make your impact on the world.

Entrepreneurs move culture, society, and technology. Step up into your personal power and be one of the creators, innovators, or inventors who makes the world a better place.

My Coaching Approach

The Live In Focused Energy (LIFE) brand reflects what it takes to get unstuck. When you focus your physical and mental energy on what you really want in life — and take focused action — you experience full engagement, joy, and confidence, foundational elements for reaching your dreams and goals. That’s what I mean by “Focused Energy”.

Your life-transforming work happens in a safe, gentle yet direct environment as I guide you with probing (and sometimes challenging) questions. Start with a no-charge, one-hour exploration session, by filling out the questionnaire.

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