I Believe Age Is A Mindset

Smiling portrait of Kit Cassingham with long salt-and-pepper hair and a deep crimson shirt.I help people over 40 explore their mindset to realize their possibilities and to generate the energy and desire to live their best lives.

Longevity isn’t as much of how long you live as how well you live. Don’t we all just want to live a good life?


By engaging me, you’re not just accessing coaching services, you’re also embarking on a journey to a life where your age is an asset, not a limitation. My diverse experiences provide you with a rich tapestry of insights to weave into a life that’s exciting, fulfilling, and authentically aligned with your deepest values. Witness how countless individuals have transformed the “over 40” chapter into their most dynamic act yet. Your best life isn’t a memory, it’s your next chapter waiting to be lived.

I’m Kit Cassingham

As a passionate generalist, I am driven to explore, study, and experience a wide range of topics and activities. Everything comes together to give me a broad understanding of the world and the people I work with.

Knowing that service is my ultimate “Why” drives me. Serving others and contributing to their aspirations brings me great satisfaction.

Challenge excites me. Viewing challenges not as obstacles but as opportunities is “How” I serve people. That characteristic propels me forward. You’ll feel that challenge personality come through in my coaching.

“Mastery” in my endeavors is not just a goal, it’s the continual pursuit that keeps me engaged and motivated. You’ll benefit from my tendency to go deep into topics that interest me, that I care about, and that serve my clients.

Breaking ageist barriers fuels my purpose because I believe doing that is the key to unlocking human potential so we can create our best lives. Guiding you in that evolution is not just a professional calling but a deeply personal commitment.

Through my work, I strive to empower others to embrace the richness of each stage of life, challenge societal expectations, and cultivate a mindset that defies limitations. I am dedicated to guiding people toward their fullest potential by navigating the complexities of life with a holistic and inclusive approach.

Together, let’s shatter age-related stereotypes and pave the way for a future where you can create a life that is truly your masterpiece.

What Clients Say

Bluntly, the private coaching with Kit changed my life. I never imagined that after 12 weeks I would have seen such a radical change in my business, my outlook, creativity, and leadership. Kit is a master at asking the right question at the right time and then gracefully helping you through processing the right answer. Kit is also tough. She picked up on limiting patterns, called me out on excuses, and held me to a standard she knew I wanted to be held to. Working with Kit was one of the best things I’ve ever done.
—Paul Reddick, New Jersey

It’s been four years since experiencing the 12-session LIFE coaching with Kit. I kept a binder of our sessions and recently re-discovered it. I looked over my thoughts, ideas, feelings, new tools and plans for my future. I was surprised by how much my life has changed and how much of the program I have implemented. My confidence is where it needs to be now. I’m able to effectively set boundaries without stress or trouble. I’m able to say “no” when necessary without guilt. I understand and value myself so much more than before. I have few unmet needs because I’m better able to understand what I need and how to get it. I’m able to prioritize, delegate and renegotiate where needed.
—Kimberly Hayes, Oklahoma

Sometimes you see what you need to see, but you need to have it come out of your mouth AND have another acknowledge what you said. That acknowledgment can be a question from that other person. Kit earned my trust and asked spot-on questions. She listened to me. Her guidance around boundaries has been life-changing.
—Eli B, Iowa

I was long accustomed to the struggle between my existence as a human doing vs a human being, but after sustaining unexpected life changes it seemed critical to my future happiness to resolve that battle. To do that I had to know what my purpose was. Kit motivated me to dive in and discover what brought me joy regardless of who was in my life and what responsibilities I had at any given time. She gave me valuable insight into what made me tick and how to proactively create a meaningful life. I understand better what I need to flourish in this life and how to go after it.
—Kay Jackson, Oklahoma

I met Kit at 62 at the unexpected and fairly abrupt end of my marriage. Kit worked very hard to challenge me, and I accepted the challenge and put a lot of effort into the process. Over our time together, my attitude and my actions shifted from feeling lost and uncertain about the future into an attitude of feeling hopeful and having a renewed sense of purpose. Kit’s method provided me with practical tools and approaches to reset my attitude and begin to implement a plan to move forward into what I now believe can be the best stage of my life so far.
—Richard Rast, Washington

Kit helped me change and redirect my life in a subtle but extremely effective way, helping me gently observe and redirect the doubts and misgivings that had been controlling my assumptions and behaviors. Her “why” exercises were truly enlightening and almost scarily revealing. With her help, I examined my definition of a “purposeful life,” strategized about ways to implement my own definition of purpose in my daily existence, and began changing my behavior accordingly. And it worked. I recommend her without reservation or hesitation. You will benefit from tapping into her considerable skills.
—Sue Treiman, New York

Age Is A Mindset. A Life Well Lived Is A Mindset. Make Them Both Vibrant!