High-Performance Coaching for Entrepreneurs with ADD/ADHD

Are you restless, impulsive, or easily distracted? Does chaos (with its ever-present piles) dominate your life? Are you underperforming at work? Do you find your brain never stops? Is some aspect of your life (personal, work, health, emotional, financial, etc) not meeting your expectations?

Those are ADD-like symptoms brought on by bad habits and the constant-contact world we live in today. They are also typical ADD/ADHD symptoms. These symptoms make your life harder than it needs to be when it goes unmanaged. The good news is when you understand how and take charge of these symptoms you can be more effective in your high performance habits. If you are an “ADDer” then harnessing these symptoms is vital to living the balanced life you deserve and pushing through to higher levels of high performance — all with more ease.

I believe entrepreneurs with ADD have been given an amazing gift to change the world when they embrace and harness their ADD.

High performance coaching supports you to not only manage your ADD (and ADD-like) attributes but to also support you as you put your ADD (and ADD-like) symptoms to work for you to get more done, with less energy drain and stress. Learn how to get more — for yourself, your mission, your relationships, and your health. Focus on your strengths, clear your hurdles, enjoy your work, and thrive!

This is about high performance living which is that ongoing feeling of full engagement, joy, and confidence that comes from consistently living from your best self. This is about excelling in your life and going beyond the norm. This is the result of heightened and sustained levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence.

I’d love to be your coach and guide on an adventure as you explore ways of reaching new heights of success, as defined by you, and new depths of being more of who you can be.

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