Transform Your Life

Are you underperforming at work?

Is some aspect of your life (personal, work, health, emotional, financial, etc) not meeting your expectations?

Are you restless, impulsive, or easily distracted?

Does chaos (with its ever-present piles) dominate your life?

Do you find your brain never stops?

These are Common Problems often brought on by bad habits and the constant-contact world we live in today. I term them “ADD-like” symptoms, and they’re seen more and more in busy, successful entrepreneurs who may or may not have actual ADD/ADHD. Such symptoms make your life harder than it needs to be: they can be improved and managed.

The good news is when you transform your life, you can be more effective with your habits. If you really are an “ADDer”, managing your ADD is vital to living the balanced life you deserve. Pushing through to higher levels of actualization is not only possible — I help people achieve the balanced life they deserve to push through to higher levels of actualization — all with more ease.

Entrepreneurs can and do change the world. I believe entrepreneurs with ADD have been given an amazing gift to especially succeed, but only when they both embrace and harness their ADD. Entrepreneurs with and without ADD must learn to manage their unique traits and learn super focus to have the biggest impact on the world.

So Is That You?

LIFE Focus coaching supports you to transform your life, to manage your ADD (or ADD-like) attributes, and to support you as you put your special traits to work. As my client, I will challenge you to get more done with less energy drain and stress. Learn how to get more — for yourself, your mission, your relationships, and your health. Understand how to focus on your strengths, clear your hurdles, enjoy your work, and thrive!

The “Live In Focused Energy” brand reflects what it takes to live the life you aspire to. When you focus your energy on what you really want in life — and take focused action — you gain full engagement, joy in what you do, and the confidence to achieve your dreams and goals. You empower yourself through mindful balance to keep that focused energy and live that galvanized life.

I’d love to be your coach and guide you on an adventure to help you take steps to reach new heights of success, as defined by you, and new depths of being more of who you can be. The transformation you make will be life changing as you move from the meandering path you are on to the path that will get you to the future you envision.

What To Do Next

To get started, ask for a two-hour Transformation Session: that’s a no-charge call to see how I can help you. We’ll delve into what’s holding you back from excelling in your life and reaching your next level of joy and actualization, and draw the map for your next steps.

I help entrepreneurs living an “adequate life” transform to consistently living an “excellent life”. For those with ADD, part of the transformation is to learn to manage their ADD traits, and embrace their special gifts so their ADD doesn’t manage them. That’s a key to excelling consistently over the long term.

You know that you don’t have the focus you need to reach your goals. Let’s get on the phone or Skype to see how I can help: Send Me Your Contact Details.