Learn How Coaching Empowers You





Life Span
+ Health Span
+ Purpose
= Longevity




Longevity is your birthright.
To live well later you need to start living well now.
Focus on your purpose and health span — your life span and longevity will take care of themselves.
Bottom Line: It’s not how long you live, it’s how well you live that matters.

What IS Coaching?

Whenever people want to be better at what they do the go to a coach. If you want to be better at business, sports, agriculture, art, etc, you go to someone who can teach you and fine tune your actions, thoughts, and feelings.

Your longevity — life span + healths pan + purpose — aspirations deserve the same attention and coaching.

It takes an outsider to spot what you can improve on.

A Coaching Example

As I was preparing for my third pilgrimage I wanted to avoid the issues I’d had on my previous pilgrimages with my toes, especially my left “index” toe. The nail was being rammed into my cuticle by my shoe. That didn’t make sense to me since I bought longer shoes than I needed and I could tell my toes were shorter than the shoe. I needed a coach, and asked the man who lives life feet first to coach my stride.

After watching we walk, he spent a half-hour talking to me about keeping my weight over my feet, and to pay attention to not curl my toes up as I walk.

Curl my toes up? No way! That would be uncomfortable, and surely I’d be aware of doing that. Right?

Well, several days into my pilgrimage that toe started having problems. I tended to the toenail and went back to my lessons. I started focusing on walking with my toes flat on the ground, flat inside my shoe. As I focused and practiced it felt as if I was gripping my toes, like curling them under, like I do when I walk in my flip flops. What a strange sensation!

Concentrating on keeping my weight over my feet and striding from a higher point than my buttocks gave me a smoother stride. But, “curling my toes under”, or keeping them flat in my shoes, fixed the problem. My toes didn’t get any worse than the day I noticed them getting red. They didn’t get infected, as they had in previous pilgrimages. The damage was done, but it didn’t progress. Eureka! I’d fixed the problem!!

I was so glad I got a coach. My pilgrimage was much more enjoyable without my toes hurting! It was my intention to enjoy my pilgrimage pain-free, and thanks to my coach and my focus and effort, I succeeded!

Do you want to be better at living a healthy and purposeful life?
Do you want someone who can help you map your path?
Do you want someone who’s willing to coach you through correcting the actions
that are short-changing your health and purpose — impacting your longevity?
I love working with people who want to live with intention.
Furthermore, with people who say — or want to say — “Yes” to life.

Are you prepared — mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially — to live an additional 30 years beyond when you have expected to? Or, to live fully until your time is up, to have a compressed morbidity (wake up dead, drop dead doing your favorite thing)?

Statistics – and medical advances – indicate you are going to live much longer than your parents and grandparents. Are you ready?

Have you explored the quality of your extra years and redefined the rules you live and play by? Are you accepting of your role — witting or not — as an ancestor and role model for the generations to come?

I can help.

Can you imagine attending your grandchild’s wedding? How would it feel to attend your great-grandchild’s graduation — or wedding? If family is a high priority, would you get excited about attending your great-great-grandchild’s wedding? You can take control of your life now to see more of those future family events. Can you imagine living a vibrant life into your 90s — and beyond? Vibrant meaning you are happy, healthy, and wise.

I can guide you down that path.

My Longevity Coaching includes working for a better mindset, improving your health, discovering and implementing your WHY — or purpose, successfully moving you through transitions, and transforming your fear of aging.

Do you know why you do what you do? Do you know your values … really know them? Are you living in alignment with your Why and your values? Your longevity is supported by knowing your Why, and living into it.

I help with that, too.

My Why, How, and What, from the WHY.os Discovery tool are Contribute, Challenge, and Mastery.
Why do you care? Because that describes the service you get from me when we work together.

I Contribute to helping people make their lives better — based on their ideas and wishes.
I Challenge the status quo, think outside the box, and help you find a unique solution.
Mastery lets me bring a deep understanding of our topics and share from a diverse perspective for your situations when we work together.


We all encounter transitions through life. We transition into and through school levels. Then there’s the transition into your professional career, relationships, and into different phases of life. And out again.

You had guides in the early transitions. There were celebrations to recognize those various transitions.
But as we get older not all transitions get recognition or celebration.

Often, you aren’t provided a guide to help you through these later transitions.

What possible transitions and life phases can you encounter? Marriage, divorce, losing a partner; Job promotions, layoffs, retirement; Getting injured or sick; Moving. Even building a new house.

The most challenging transitions tend to be later in life. Will you take the “normal” route, or go for the optimal route? Will you aimlessly float into and through your various phases of life, or will you move with intention and integrity?

Keeping your curiosity engaged, your awe and wonder lit up, and your joy vibrant helps your transitions. Do you have the tools to help with all of these opportunities?

Life Isn’t A One-Size-Fits-All Event

I’ve been blessed to have mentors who taught me what it takes to create and live a vibrant, meaningful life — a life well lived. That’s part of what I share in my coaching.

The L.I.FE. University Coaching program gives you the tools you need to navigate your mid-life and the transitions you’ll inevitably encounter.

My coaching program works with each client individually, as the unique person they are.

I don’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all coaching program. It takes the approach that after we establish a common ground, I help you select the coaching topics that will give you the best value. We co-create your coaching program. You design and pursue the growth path that you want.

We’ll map the path from where you are to where you want to be, and who you want to be. The point is to start thinking about what you want from life. Then think about what you want your life to look and feel like. And then learn tools and mindsets to create that life. Starting now is the right time to start.

Age Is A Mindset. A Life Well Lived Is A Mindset. Make them both vibrant! Kit Cassingham, Longevity Coach