LIFE’s Focus Coaching Approach

The First Step

Focus Coaching starts with a one-hour (or longer in some cases) conversation, which I call the Strategy Session. This is where we explore your wants and needs, your pains and pleasures, and your hopes and fears. To give us a roadmap for this call, fill out the Strategy Session Questionnaire fully. Once I review your answers, we’ll schedule the Strategy Session.

During our discussion, you will be asked hard, challenging questions and probe for deeper issues — the issues behind the issues — to help you see your potential so you can take action. This session exposes or uncovers what it is holding you back and what you ultimately want to work on to reach your focused life.

Experience the magical transformation to the life you aspire to. Take action now. The best part? There’s no charge for this.

Your custom-designed program will meet your needs and help you reach your goals. This is life-changing work. How much change do you want? Are you ready for a better life? Are you ready to step up into all that you can be? Together, we’ll figure out how much help you want.

Why Coaching?

Coaching is about transformation.

Coaching is about creating a different future than the path you are on presently.

Coaching is about challenging yourself and moving from acceptable or adequate to excelling and exceeding.

The more transformation you want, the more time you want to spend with me to make that transformation solid. The better the future you want for yourself, the more attention you need to spend on deep work.

To Get You To Do The Deep Work as part of transforming your life and creating that future you want, you get asked the hard questions.  That’s what I bring to the table. Life is to be experienced, and that’s done by staying alert to the possibilities — and then pursuing them. Life is best experienced through action, and our sessions galvanize you to step up to that adventure.

Focus Coaching sessions are personalized to you, and we work one on one. Your drive for change determines how much challenge you want to experience. The deeper we go through time, the more insights you gain into what’s holding you back — and how to spark the steps for driving forward into your charged life.

If you continue doing what is easy, life will be hard.
If you start to do what is hard, life will be easy and joyful.

Take Action: fill out the Strategy Session Questionnaire fully.

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