Kit’s Coaching Approach

I help my clients fine-tune their mindset to better navigate their transitions so they can define and achieve a life well lived.

I shine when I contribute to a greater cause, like your smooth life transitions and better longevity. Thinking differently, pushing the envelope, and challenging accepted norms/truths is how I do that. In coaching, I help by challenging you to do the same, and by providing the tools you need to succeed.

We have transitions between adolescence and adulthood, and some transitions for retirement. The transitions are planned for, defined, and often celebrated. But we need something to prepare us for those later years, now being called elderhood. What will you do to give your life meaning? Are you taking care of yourself so your mind and body will work for you as an elder? And, what thinking have you done about unplanned transitions?

Longevity — which in my definition involves your life span and health span matching with an equal dose of joy — is increasing. Life expectancy is going up, and with medical advances spreading around the world, they’re likely to go up a lot more. Centenarians are expanding as a demographic group. Since 2000 they have increased by 44%, and are expected to increase sixfold in the next 40 years. Those who are alive now can expect to live MUCH longer lives than our parents and grandparents. Wouldn’t it be better to live those years healthfully and joyfully?

To better understand my perspective on Longevity, please read my Longevity Manifesto.

If you’re like most people, you may be prepared for living into your 70s and 80s. You have your various retirement accounts, a community of friends and family, health insurance, and some hobbies. Are you prepared to live another 5, 10, or 25 years beyond that? Will your money hold out? Do you have a community to rely on that long? Will your hobbies and pastimes be interesting and fulfilling for 20 or 30 years? Will you have a meaningful life after retirement? Will you even be able to retire?

Fine-Tuning Your Life

I don’t know your life, but I suspect you think it’s pretty good — but needs some fine-tuning. You’re doing everything you can to make it satisfying, joyful, rewarding, and successful. Of course, you have your ups and downs, your stops and goes, and speed bumps that sometimes trip you up. And somewhere, I suspect, you feel that life can be more and that you can have more and do more.

You are undoubtedly more likely now than ever to live into your late 90s or into your 100s. Are you ready for that? Do you have a plan? Most people don’t.

But, I have a solution for you.

I help my clients discover their Purpose, the passion that gets them out of bed each morning. If you don’t have the energy to jump out of bed after a good night’s sleep, you may not be clear on your Purpose! Or, you may not be living into your Purpose. Your beliefs and values align when you know what moves you. Your Purpose becomes a filter for your decisions and actions — your life.

Then, it’s time to create and follow your roadmap to your ideal life.

When you feel stuck, you experience challenges and distractions, detracting from the quality of your life.

The biggest difference between my coaching program and any other I know about is that I’m offering a “buffet-style” or “university-style” program.

To help you select your path, I’ve created a “curriculum” that spans four-plus quarters. It lets you choose what topics you want to cover in our coaching sessions. As with all universities, there are required sessions and electives. We start with a Strategy Session, which is a lot easier but deeper than an entrance exam.

Steps Along The Way

1. Start with filling out the Longevity Mindset Coaching Strategy Session Questionnaire, and we’ll schedule your Strategy Session. In that one-hour discussion, we explore your wants and needs, your pains and pleasures, and your hopes and fears, and your responses in the Questionnaire.

2. Delve into your present life plan. Is it serving you? It’s time for it to. The Strategy Session uncovers what you ultimately want to work on to transform your life so you can have the vibrancy and resources you’ll need to live with purpose.

3. Act. The best part? There’s no charge for this first step. But act now to get onto my schedule!

4. Proceed, after your Strategy Session, to the custom-designed program we build together that helps you reach your goals during your coaching program. It may evolve and unfold as we go. It may get detailed immediately. The kinds of topics you can choose from in your personalized program are establishing your Foundation; discovering your Why; energy and health management; attributes that make you who you are like adaptability and courage; habits, commitment, and self-responsibility; and exploring various emotions. Of the twelve sessions, six are required and six are the electives you choose.

Choose among two coaching program styles:

A: Private — One-on-one coaching where you get personalized coaching designed for your wants and needs.

B: Retreat — Group coaching with all of its benefits AND in a secluded mountain setting so you can detach yourself from your daily life and the distractions of being in your daily routine, in a beautiful location. This is designed to help you deeply focus on the growth you are seeking.

Why Coaching?

Coaching is about transformation and growth.

Coaching is about creating a different future than what you’ve considered up to now, or from where you are headed.

Coaching is about challenging yourself and moving from where you are to where you want to be — the life you dream of, using the plan you create during your sessions.

A coach has the perspective you can’t have on yourself and on your life. Your coach exposes your blind spots.

The more transformation you want, the more time you want to spend with me to develop new tools, gain perspective, and let go of impeding beliefs so you can make that transformation solid. The better the future you want for yourself, the more attention you can choose to spend on changing your life. Mindfulness is helpful.

Doing The Deep Work

Coaching is part of transforming your life and creating that future you want. What I bring to the table is to ask you the hard questions to encourage you to dig deeper. Life is to be vibrantly experienced, and that’s done by staying alert and open to the possibilities — and then pursuing them. Life is best experienced through action, and our sessions are designed to motivate you to engage in that adventure.

Coaching sessions are personalized to you. Your drive for change determines how much challenge you want to experience. The deeper and longer we work together, the more insights you gain into what’s holding you back — and how to spark the steps for driving forward into your dream life. Living a long life of purpose takes planning and action. You’ll develop the plan during our sessions and take action on them the day we start. It’s a life-long commitment, so start now.

If you continue doing what is easy, life will be hard.
If you start to do what is hard, life will be easy and joyful.

Take Action: fill out the Longevity Coaching Strategy Session Questionnaire fully.

Let me help you get focused on the tools and mindset you need to make the most of your life.


I met Kit at 62 at the unexpected and fairly abrupt end of my marriage. Kit worked very hard to challenge me, and I accepted the challenge and put a lot of effort into the process. Over the our time  together, my attitude and my actions shifted from feeling lost and uncertain about the future into an attitude of feeling hopeful and having a renewed sense of purpose.

Kit’s method provided me with practical tools and approaches to reset my attitude and begin to implement a plan to move forward into what I now believe can be the best stage of my life so far. I recommend her process and her coaching to anyone who’s facing a time of change — or simply looking to grow into a fuller life with a higher sense of purpose. You’ll need to do the work, and in my opinion, it’s work worth doing. If you’d like to discuss, please ask Kit to provide an introduction and I’d be happy to respond.
Richard Rast, Washington


I was long accustomed to the struggle between my existence as a human doing vs a human being but after sustaining unexpected life changes it seemed critical to my future happiness to resolve that battle. To do that I had to know what my purpose was. L.I.F.E. University motivated me to dive in and discover what brought me joy regardless of who was in my life and what responsibilities I had at any given time. Kit gave me valuable insight into what made me tick and how to proactively create a meaningful life. I understand better what I need to flourish in this life and how to go after it.
Kay Jackson, Oklahoma

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