Energize Me!

2 thoughts on “Energize Me!”

    • As mentioned, I understand this is a highly debated topic (there seem to be lots of those in regards to food and health). While some research shows coffee to be non-dehydrating, other research shows it to be dehydrating. It seems to me there’s a set of research to support any theory one wants to promote.

      Personally, I don’t care either way. I recognize everyone reacts to foods differently. I can drink a cup of full-caf coffee and go to sleep; others can’t touch it after noon if they hope to get any sleep. In this article I take the stance that water is the better hydration liquid — though I didn’t say it like this — because I feel energy is best generated, not given. That may be splitting hairs, and start another big debate, but that’s where I stand.

      I know you’ll enjoy your delicious coffee. 🙂 May it keep you well hydrated and energized.


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