Client Testimonials

Kit Cassingham, Longevity Coach

Coaching is life-changing. If you want your life to be different, you owe it to yourself to hire a coach now. The best time to hire a coach was 10 years ago. The next best time to hire a coach is today.

The guidance Kit gave me recently augmented previous conversations we’d had. She is adept at urging me to come up with my own solutions and finally adding a “one last suggestion” to help me to a breakthrough, to reach an actionable plan. Kit continues to ask me hard questions until I reach the goal I’m seeking. That’s a trait I don’t see often enough in coaches or guides, a trait I’m happy to benefit from.
—Susan Treiman, New York

I met Kit at 62 at the unexpected and fairly abrupt end of my marriage. Kit worked very hard to challenge me, and I accepted the challenge and put a lot of effort into the process. Over our time together, my attitude and my actions shifted from feeling lost and uncertain about the future into an attitude of feeling hopeful and having a renewed sense of purpose.

Kit’s method provided me with practical tools and approaches to reset my attitude and begin to implement a plan to move forward into what I now believe can be the best stage of my life so far. I recommend the L.I.F.E. University coaching program and Kit’s process to anyone who’s facing a time of change — or simply looking to grow into a fuller life with a higher sense of purpose. You’ll need to do the work, and in my opinion, it’s work worth doing. If you’d like to discuss, please ask Kit to provide an introduction and I’d be happy to respond.
—Richard, Rast, Washington

I was long accustomed to the struggle between my existence as a human doing vs a human being but after sustaining unexpected life changes it seemed critical to my future happiness to resolve that battle. To do that I had to know what my purpose was. L.I.F.E. University motivated me to dive in and discover what brought me joy regardless of who was in my life and what responsibilities I had at any given time. Kit gave me valuable insight into what made me tick and how to proactively create a meaningful life. I understand better what I need to flourish in this life and how to go after it.
—Kay Jackson, Oklahoma

For me, the primary benefit of this course was unexpected: a 10x improvement in productivity. Was that a fluke? No! The Transform Fear Into Action course gave me an increased awareness of where Fear holds me back in my life and business, and a framework for overcoming that fear. And it turns out much of my procrastination was rooted in holding back due to various fears. By uncovering those fears and addressing them with Kit’s framework, I was able to move past those fears and experience this huge productivity increase.
—Don, North Carolina

I was floored at how many valuable insights were deposited into my mind and heart since our first group coaching session. Kit helps her students to uncover their mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional blocks. I started implementing her techniques and saw changes in my life and work performance right away. She held all the group participants accountable during classes and also with regards to our homework to ensure we discover how we can become higher-performing individuals.

Kit helped me understand that my effectiveness as a leader is correlated to the pillars of my physiology, presence, productivity, and my purpose. Through this work, I have become a more effective leader in my company. I also have more confidence and can face issues with courage. This course brought so much clarity into my work and personal life that I have defined my purpose and I feel unstoppable.

If you’re thinking of taking the program, do it. Invest in yourself and your growth. Kit is really great at helping anyone to unleash their full potential.
—Eugina, Massachusetts

Bluntly, the private coaching with Kit changed my life. I never imagined that after 12 weeks I would have seen such a radical change in my business, my outlook, creativity, and leadership.

Kit is a master at asking the right question at the right time and then gracefully helping you through processing the right answer.

Kit is also tough. She picked up on limiting patterns, called me out on excuses, and held me to a standard she knew I wanted to be held to.

Working with Kit was one of the best things I’ve ever done.
—Paul, New Jersey

I think my number one benefit has been renewed confidence. The awareness of fear and the different ways it presented itself was key, Kit’s framework provided the necessary tools to examine my experiences and uncover the root fears. With that, I was ready to tell myself a new story in which I was overcoming fear, stronger and more capable than I had ever let myself believe. I am now more confident not only that I can address my fears, but I can move through them with grace, proving to myself daily that indeed I am more than able to move forward with my dreams and goals. Thanks, Kit for your incredible guidance!
—Megan, Colorado

I have never considered myself a fearful person, and still don’t. But what the course made clear is that often what is holding us back is some unidentified, or unacknowledged fear. I have a lot more positive things to say, but it would be better for you to join a course, and walk your own path into action. Kit dynamically adjusts to each person in the group, so we all have a unique experience. It is well worth it. For the first time, the knowledge that I have received is sticking, and getting implemented. Don’t see this as a solution, see this as the beginning of a journey to, apologies for the cliche, be the best you that you can be.
—Piet, South Africa

The coaching framework I follow is a scientifically designed and proven framework for guiding people to transform their lives. The course framework likewise transforms lives. That said, rather than conform to set coaching programs, I customize each client’s program. The time you make for your transformational coaching will come back to you in spades. What a win for you: transformation to a better life and extra time.

I was so worried about having time to do the coaching properly, but the irony is that the extra work actually freed up my time! It seems so counterintuitive, but it works. I’m amazed and dumbfounded by the amount of change I’ve made and how much better everything really is. I FEEL GREAT AND I’M HAPPY AND EXCITED! OH! And bonus! LESS STRESSED!
—Kimberly, Oklahoma

The Transform Fear Into Action course helped me see how many of my thinking patterns were holding me back — even sabotaging me — in my journey to be the best me that I can be. Plus, it gave me the tools to work through these challenges of change on a daily basis without being overwhelmed and giving up. Loved the interactions with the group!
—Marty, Texas

Kit’s group facilitation and homework address the very essence of the subject: with a bit of humor, a unique angle, and reflection to get you to think (?! who knew?) and identify the steps to apply the concepts to your own situation. Recommended!
—Susan, Virginia

Learn to manage your time and distractions, to replace old habits that don’t serve you with habits that support the life you want to live, to overcome the fears and negative thoughts that hold you back, and to take action using the tools provided in our sessions as my clients have. You too can reach greater heights of energy, focus, and performance for a fuller, more satisfying, and gratifying life.

I’ve struggled with prioritizing and getting things done for years. Working with Kit has helped me live with greater purpose and intent. I look at my life and priorities differently now, with more focus, thanks to the 12 weeks I spent with Kit and a great group of folks on this journey together!
—Mike, Ohio

Kit asked questions that I had to dig deep to answer.  She spotted my weaknesses and where I wasn’t being honest with myself.  With her guidance, I moved to a new focus and a higher level of thinking and working.
—Pat, Colorado

Welcome to the beginning of doing what you want to do. I have joined Kit’s focused discussion groups twice now. I could not be happier to have spent the money to take these courses. As a result of participating in the sessions over several weeks, I was able to truly focus my mind to accomplish the things I have wanted to do for years. I now feel that this will stick for me now with the techniques, encouragement, and help I received. My hope and advice for you are, sign-up, attend the sessions, do the work, and find the tools to begin changing your life for the better!
—M. George, Colorado

With over 30 years of business and personal consulting and coaching on how to run successful businesses, rather than being run by those businesses, you benefit from my diverse background. I’ve seen and experienced what unfocused and out-of-balance living can do. Hundreds of clients around the world have benefited from my coaching guidance to get focused and back into balance.

With this unique experience, my innate curiosity about people, and a well-tested framework, you will be guided to an amazing transformation through directed questions during our personalized one-on-one sessions or group coaching sessions. You take the steps to make the changes in your life to achieve your goals of focus, energy, high performance, and living up to your full potential with the level of support you need. Experience that magic!

The Transform Fear Into Action course works because of its mix of theory and practical application, both in Kit’s stories and in the stories my group was willing to share with each other. The regular homework was a good opportunity to reflect individually on the discussions in the live sessions. The homework serves to not only reinforce the discussions in the sessions, but also to spark new thoughts and insights into my particular issues.

I found Kit to be a sympathetic and compassionate listener. She was able to listen to my ramblings and find in them some key insights into my deeper concerns. The ways that Kit identified for handling fear resonated with me about ways to handle life more broadly and in working through them with the group, I was able to develop some practical applications that I continue to use.
—Vino Kanapathipillai, England

Kit led our group through a well-structured 12-week coaching program. Kit not only delivered tremendous benefit to all of us herself, she also adroitly facilitated everyone in the group to share their unique experiences and perspective so that we were all effectively assisting each other as well. Using a light-hearted but firm combination of humor and “tough love”, Kit helped everyone in the group (not least myself) identify impediments to their ability to be effective, successful and happy, and delivered actionable advice to overcome those obstacles. Anyone looking for a coach to improve their professional and/or personal lives should strongly consider working with Kit.
—Claudio, Singapore

I registered for Kit’s Thrive coaching not knowing what to expect, but just knowing that there was something incomplete about my life – the feeling that there’s something more that I should be doing, and the want to be able to put in my best in everything I do. Kit’s sessions were a revelation. They provided me with the tools to get where I need to and had me feeling a lot better about myself by the end of the course.
—Marie-dale Pais, New Brunswick

Every coach needs a coach. For a High Performance Coach to sustain a high level of performance, a good coach and mentor is invaluable. Kit is that coach for me. She has a beautiful way of summarizing and reflecting back my answers to her relevant and relentless questions. She made me feel empowered and encouraged more self-confidence in myself. She guided me to stretch to a level of performance I did not know I had. My life feels richer and I know that with her as my coach, my life is a guaranteed success.
—Erna, British Columbia

Do you often feel exhausted and out of control? The lives created by running old tapes, habits, and circumstances — perceived and real — create exhausting, chaotic lives.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can get to the end of your day knowing you have been highly productive, hitting your marks, living up to your potential and dreams, and still have energy and focus. Successful entrepreneurs get more done with less effort and live more balanced and energetic lives. That doesn’t come naturally to most people. That’s where I come in: to coach you on how to live a focused, energetic, balanced life that exceeds your present levels of living.

That’s the way successful professionals do it — with coaching.

Focused living is that ongoing feeling of full engagement, joy, and confidence that comes from consistently living from your best self. It is the result of sustained levels of focus and energy applied to your habits and attitudes. It results in you having more mindfulness and success with grace and ease.

Kit challenged me, and got me to think about more of the mechanics and underpinnings of life. Thanks to the class and her encouragement, I gained the impetus to get me back into reading scripture. Her smiles and honest give and take in discussions supported my growth.
—Dave, Minnesota

Transforming Fear was an eye-opener course for me. I have consciously been fighting fear after a huge, unwelcomed life change a few years ago, using as my mantra “There will be no space for fear in my head.” Funny thing about that sneaky fear: it masquerades in a variety of forms, like procrastination and avoidance. The course helped me recognize them as fear, and using Kit’s framework enabled me to work through the fears logically and systematically. I was able to accomplish something I had been wanting to do for a long time but had all kinds of “sensible” reasons why I couldn’t or shouldn’t. I transmuted my way to the point I was able to accomplish my goal, thereby giving me the confidence I lacked. This course transformed my FEAR into FREEDOM!
—Kay, Oklahoma

Kit’s style allowed me to peer inside myself … and through the fog and noise of my own self-talk to see clearly the vision (again) for my work and my life.

Not only does Kit have the skills to be a highly effective focus coach but also the heart and humility to truly serve her clients. This is certainly her gift, whether she’s coaching about professional and practical issues or the softer stuff of the heart.
—Gene, New Jersey

This is a Lot. How Do I Get Started?

Take a step toward your future by contacting me (by phone at 970.626.6057 or send me your contact details below) for a free two-hour conversation to transform your life with a taste of LIFE Focus Coaching. Uncover where you are in your progress to high-performance living. Action overcomes fear and stagnation.

Would you like a much clearer idea about where your productivity blocks lie, and with solid steps to follow to overcome those blocks? I came out of Kit’s group coaching sessions with just that sort of clarity.
—Robert, Hong Kong

I still don’t have all the answers. After twelve weeks with Kit Cassingham and fellow travelers, I have a much better idea of where I want to be going, ways to help me travel, and awareness of what I don’t want to do and don’t have to do. I’ve never been asked to answer so many questions about myself, my dreams, my stumbling blocks. I’ve always wanted to save the world. I now have ideas for places to focus my energy and talents where they might do the most good for the world and be the most fun for myself.
—Gloria, Minnesota

I got so much out of the initial call that I couldn’t sign up fast enough for a 12-session program.
—Pat, Colorado

Can ‘life-coaching’ really change your life?

It’s been four years since experiencing the 12-session LIFE coaching with Kit. I kept a binder of our sessions and recently re-discovered it. I looked over my thoughts, ideas, feelings, new tools and plans for my future. I was surprised by how much my life has changed and how much of the program I have implemented. I was impressed with how far I’ve come and all that I have accomplished on my goals list.

My confidence is where it needs to be now. I’m able to effectively set boundaries without stress or trouble. I’m able to say “no” when necessary without guilt. I understand and value myself so much more than before. I have few unmet needs because I’m better able to understand what I need and how to get it. I’m able to prioritize, delegate and renegotiate where needed.

With Kit’s guidance, I was able to do my homework, reflect and implement lasting changes in my life.
—Kim, Oklahoma

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