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What’s Your Type?

What’s your type — your “neurotype” that is? Or, where is your intelligence stronger? ADDers have wonderful gifts, gifts that often aren’t recognized by standard measures. (more…)

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Anxiety Unraveled

I never thought of myself as an anxious person. I thought anxiety was more like panic or phobias, and I don’t tend toward panic or phobia. My thoughts have changed with my ADD research. Anxiety is not what I thought it was, it’s more. What is your definition of anxiety? (more…)

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Rewire Your Brain

Synapses that fire together wire together. That’s a powerful statement that is going to make a big difference in your life. Watch as I spin two seemingly contradictory concepts – gratitude and complaining — together for you to use in your focused and energetic life using that statement. (more…)

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Jean Luc Picard — the Captain of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek: The Next Generation — had some great phrases that I love as guiding lights for our lives. “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” is one. “Make it so.” is another. My favorite, “Engage.”, has such diverse uses, all to me seem positive and action […]

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Butterflies Are Freeing

Fear of public speaking is supposedly greater than the fear of death. Driving narrow mountain roads feels like death, according to some I hear talking (we have some doozies near us). I don’t find either terrifying, but have felt the butterflies that come with being on stage. (more…)

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Liberating Choices

Do you realize that every thing is a choice? Every action, every thought — it is all up to you. You always have options. Always. Even when you don’t like the choices or the ramifications of those choices. (more…)

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Empowering Yourself Through Mindful Balance

The business Live in Focused Energy was created to help people live more fulfilling, productive lives by creating balance with all aspects of their lives. My intuition told me that mindfulness was a critical component of gaining that balance and life control. Things I’ve learned studying about ADD have supported that intuition. (more…)

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The Creative ADDer

Creativity is one hallmark of ADD — and another of the reasons I call ADD/ADHD a gift. The best part is that creativity isn’t limited to the arts! Creating something new, be it for science, technology, gardening, cooking, music, acting, sculpting, or painting, is creativity. Creativity is the ability to generate new or better ways […]

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ADD By Any Other Name

When I see the shame, anger, and denial people express about their ADD/ADHD, I find myself wishing there was a different term for this syndrome. There’s nothing wrong with us! We’re wired differently, which is to the world’s benefit. Seeing gifted people pull back, hide, and avoid their gift breaks my heart. (more…)

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ADD: A Different Kind of Wiring

Too many people feel shame about having ADD, in my observations and opinion. It reminds me of reactions people had about getting any sort of mental health therapy 15 and 30 years ago; there was a real taboo about it. Frankly, I don’t understand the reaction to either situation. Anytime we have a body part […]

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