Age Segregation

4 thoughts on “Age Segregation”

    • Thanks, Rebecca.

      Society is getting smarter about segregation and taking more care to end it. It has a long way to go with the long-established areas of segregation. Here’s a new one to tackle.

      I appreciate being able to talk about it with you.

  1. Definitely like your idea here. While we weren’t a multi-generational household, the time I spent as a young child with my grandparents babysitting me was invaluable now that I look back.

    • Marty, that’s a great example of breaking away from age segregation. The rare times I got to spend with my grandparents were valuable for me, too.

      I see diverse age groups hanging out having fun, learning, and being active together. There’s a great caring and support going on there, paving the way for support along their paths. I hope more people join in that trend.


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