Getting Rid of Fear?

“You can’t get rid of all of your fear.” That was a comment made by one of my clients after concluding my class, Transform Fear Into Action. That’s an interesting perspective, and my class isn’t about getting rid of all fear, but rather it’s about working on the fears holding you back. But for others thinking the same thing, let’s walk through this challenge.

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The Opposite of Fear Is…

Four years ago I wrote an article about what the “opposite” of fear is. In it, I shared what others thought it might be, tossed around some of my ideas, and drew some analogies, but ultimately concluded I didn’t have any answers and didn’t think there was one correct answer.

Consider the path to my different conclusion. I’ve identified fear as the basis for most, if not all, of the issues my clients bring to me to help them work through so they can live more satisfying, successful, and joyous lives.

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I’m Afraid Of Not Getting Over My Fear

I have a new hobby. It came out of surveying a dozen-or-so people about the course I was preparing to develop on helping people learn to overcome their fear. I have come to love asking people about their fear — what causes it, how they deal with it, how it shows up in their lives, and how it concerns them. These conversations are always interesting and challenge me to create an even better course.

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