More on the Freedom From Paralyzing Fear

I wanted to follow up on the article Freedom From Paralyzing Fear with some stories and talking about the feedback I received. More About Freedom From Paralyzing Fear so that you could keep thinking about how this fits into your life, how it applies to your reactions to fear.

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Freedom From Paralyzing Fear

In Northern Ireland, there’s a rope bridge that goes from the mainland near the Giant’s Causeway to the tiny island of Carrickarede. When I visited there I was excited to cross the bridge to “get to the other side”. All I knew about it when I decided to go is what I’ve told you so far. It sounded like a fun adventure.

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Fear — A LIFE Vlog

Listening to the fear rise from people in so many areas of life dismays me. It seems that people are looking for excuses to blame others for their fear. I see it in politics, world news, health issues, the price of gas — you name it, people find something to be afraid of and to blame others for.

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I’m Scared

I’ve been nurturing my new business for about a year now. I was just slowly working toward and on developing this site and the course as it seemed appropriate, as inspiration came to me. The concept is probably even a bit older than that, but the actual work is around twelve months. That’s about the gestation period for an alpaca or a zebra! I guess I’ve got it covered A to Z.

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