Exploring What Happened To The Elders

4 thoughts on “Exploring What Happened To The Elders”

  1. I am not sure I would challenge the reader to “value” elders.

    What age group you are talking to. Someone in their 40s? Or, if an elder reading this wanted to share it with their child, would that child be turned away? I’d want to talk to 40-somethings about what it’s like to be an older person. What’s their future going to look like? This article is planting a seed for younger people for what they are moving into. I think you need to soften the words so that you don’t lose those 40-somethings who are reading this.

    The problem is two-fold. Elders often don’t see themselves in a positive way, and neither do many younger people. Nobody wants to see they are part of the problem. How can you reach younger people to help them see the value of older people before they reach mid-life or older?

    When people live in multi-generational communities, they have a different understanding of older and younger people. You can’t assume everyone reading this has that awareness. We’ve become such an age-segregated society we’ve lost touch with other people and their thoughts and beliefs.

    Young people are unaware it’s an issue. They have so much going on in their lives that they might be clueless about what their parents are going through. They are living their lives and maybe struggling with COVID and its impacts.

    • Opal, thank you for your comment.
      You know, though I don’t think of 40-somethings as my audience, your concern is valid. I don’t want to alienate anyone. I also don’t want to walk on PC-egg-shells.
      In my opinion, everyone can benefit by approaching life with Positive Aging in mind.


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