What Happened To The Elders?

2 thoughts on “What Happened To The Elders?”

  1. Kit,
    Something else to look at, especially in the American Culture is the negative influence of TV and print advertising. “Get with the Pepsi Generation!” “It’s young and it’s hip!” These are two examples we mentioned when I was a member of the Gray Panthers in Denver. And where were the elders in those commercials and ads? Selling Polydent, “age rejuvenating” creams and lotions, and hair coloring (for both men and women.) That time, the 60’s and 70’s especially, did more to relegate the “elder” to the “elderly.”

    That’s my two cents worth. Good article!

    • Gary, I just found this in the trash! I didn’t know to look there. Sorry for my silence — until now.

      You are so right about the framing of elders in our commercials — especially in years past. And too many people buy into that framing. I hear people use ageist language for themselves and others. “I’m too old for that”. “Oh, she’s one of those elderly women with long, gray hair”. “At my age….”

      That last one is like fingernails on a blackboard for me. I’d like to think our age won’t prevent us from doing anything. There may be things that do hold us back, but age in and of itself shouldn’t be among the reasons we don’t do things. Oh, don’t get me started! 😀

      Thanks for being part of the conversation. I think your comments are as pertinent today as when you left them oh-so-long-ago.


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