It’s In The Eighty Percent

4 thoughts on “It’s In The Eighty Percent”

  1. What a great statistic about only 20% of our destiny is genetic. Gives great hope to humankind to take charge of our lives. Thanks for sharing that.

    • Rebecca, I just found your comment in the trash. Oh, dear. I didn’t even know to look there, but my IT guy found it.

      You know, as I’ve chatted with people about this statistic, many have not welcomed the aspect that 20% of their destiny is genetic leaving the other 80% as their lifestyle choices. Seems people don’t want to take responsibility for their “ill fortunes”. Our bad health must be someone else’s fault.

      We’ll age better when we start taking responsibility for our choices. I love your attitude that this stat gives you hope for humankind.

      Thanks for being part of the conversation. Here’s to your 80%!


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