Stretching Your Focus

Time management intrigues me. Way back when, when I was a bed and breakfast innkeeper, I learned from a time management expert that everyone needed to block their time, and be committed to those time blocks. Since then, I’ve felt there has to be a better way. That was further reinforced when I was a real estate agent. My broker followed the advice, blocking his time — and that meant we couldn’t get his input on contracts except during specific times. That seemed just as crazy. I felt then that when you are in the service industry, time management took on a different tenor than it did for those in traditional office jobs.

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Free Your Mind

Being in charge of your mind opens untold freedoms to you. Viktor Frankl learned during awakening-676386_1920-resize-500his Auschwitz internment that even though he was locked up and abused, his mind was free to choose how he responded to those who abused him. Nelson Mandela had the same experience during his 27 years in South African prisons. They both chose to be kind, optimistic, and forgive their transgressors. They both chose to make something of their lives. If they can master their minds, so can you.

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To Boldly Go…

Do you stand up for yourself? Do you stand up for what’s right? That’s part of what liviclimbing-59673_1920-resized-500ng “bravely” is about. Have you stopped to consider your level of bravery? Do you challenge yourself to work through your fears, like in doing things you’ve never done before and are uncomfortable thinking about? That’s another aspect of living “bravely”. So, let me dig a bit deeper and ask you if you are decisive, confident, and resilient? Can you live more boldly?

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Fences Make Good Lives

The advice you give others may apply to yourself more than you think. For example, I’vefence-383393_1920 Resized 500 coached people for years to establish rules, boundaries, and limitations in their businesses — for their clients and staff. That advice is good for you, too!

Fences make good neighbors. Think of rules, boundaries, and limitations as a fence, and think of what a good life that can make for you. (And if you don’t grasp that immediately, read on!)

You want people to treat you in specific ways, and not treat you in specific ways. You pave the way for the respect you get with the rules you make for your life. Take note, though, that these boundaries also remind you what you will allow in your life, for yourself and for others.

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