Break On Through To The Other Side

The Doors sang about transformations and breakthroughs in their 1967 single, Break On Through (To The Other Side). The song starts with this verse: “You know the day destroys the night; Night divides the day; Tried to run, tried to hide; Break on through to the other side”. Day, night, run, hide — yep, there’s a challenge in this.

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When a friend asked me what my “lessons” were from walking the Camino de Santiago, an 800 km (500 mile) walk from the French Pyrenees across northern Spain to the city of Santiago, I had an answer ready: it is something I thought about along the way, and in the months following. After sharing with him the three biggest lessons I gained, one “big” lesson really came to mind.

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Free Your Mind

Being in charge of your mind opens untold freedoms to you. Viktor Frankl learned during awakening-676386_1920-resize-500his Auschwitz internment that even though he was locked up and abused, his mind was free to choose how he responded to those who abused him. Nelson Mandela had the same experience during his 27 years in South African prisons. They both chose to be kind, optimistic, and forgive their transgressors. They both chose to make something of their lives. If they can master their minds, so can you.

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To Boldly Go…

Do you stand up for yourself? Do you stand up for what’s right? That’s part of what liviclimbing-59673_1920-resized-500ng “bravely” is about. Have you stopped to consider your level of bravery? Do you challenge yourself to work through your fears, like in doing things you’ve never done before and are uncomfortable thinking about? That’s another aspect of living “bravely”. So, let me dig a bit deeper and ask you if you are decisive, confident, and resilient? Can you live more boldly?

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