The Mirror Exercise

In some class I took at some point in the past 20 years, The Mirror Exercise was introduced. The intention was to learn to love yourself. The assignment was to spend time looking at yourself in the mirror and when you were comfortable, say “I love you” to yourself. Sounds easy, doesn’t it. Let me assure you that it wasn’t.

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Are You Having Fun Yet?

It keeps hitting home with me that as we get older we quit playing and having fun. Especially compared to what we did as children. The adults I see in life seem miserable, in the big scheme of things. They take life so seriously, even when they do play. I see them rebuff the jokesters and kidders; either they don’t get the joke or harumph at the silliness. Oh, not all of them, but too many of them. I sure wish they’d join in on the fun.

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Look to the Telemeres

Being told something can’t be done brings out resistance in me. Of course “it” can be done, even if you don’t know how — yet. Aging is one of those things that we’re told is natural and it can’t be helped, that it happens as it does. Enter my attitude: “of course it can be helped”. Telomeres may be one part of the solution for what helps change the face of what natural aging looks like. Color me tickled!

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Memorization Learning Tip

It’s been awhile since I had to memorize something. Those brain cells lose their elasticity with memorization without constant work. I’m struggling with learning a 5-minute presentation I wrote to give for Ignite. It’s *only* five minutes long and I haven’t embedded it in my brain to present with timed slides. I know the material. Maybe it’s my monkey ADD brain playing games with me. Out of desperation and frustration though I came up with an excellent plan to make this presentation mine.

When your memorization skills play games with you and you struggle with learning a simple “something”, try this…..


Bumblebee Passion

This “Week of Passion” started after watching a speech Elizabeth Gilbert gave with the suggestion of not living a life of passion but instead to be willing to flit among your various interests. Her message is more complex than that, yet I think my summary is adequate for my present purpose here.

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