Do Better Than Cope With Your ADD

You deserve to do more than get by or cope. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. Getting by and coping don’t lead to a life of joy. Getting diagnosed and treated is the first step in learning to manage your ADD and your life. That’s the first step toward thriving. ADDers sometimes get pigeon-holed or labeled in certain ways, making it harder to break out of the mold. It takes a coach or counselor, perhaps a friend to help you learn new ways of interacting in the world. You need new habits that support your ADD management and you need new attitudes and behaviors too.

Memorization Learning Tip

It’s been awhile since I had to memorize something. Those brain cells lose their elasticity with memorization without constant work. I’m struggling with learning a 5-minute presentation I wrote to give for Ignite. It’s *only* five minutes long and I haven’t embedded it in my brain to present with timed slides. I know the material. Maybe it’s my monkey ADD brain playing games with me. Out of desperation and frustration though I came up with an excellent plan to make this presentation mine.

When your memorization skills play games with you and you struggle with learning a simple “something”, try this…..


Rituals For An Energized Life

Are rituals part of your life? Maybe you’d like to better understand what I’m asking beforeritual-washing-in-judaism-853752_1920 - Resized 500 you commit to an answer. In my way of thinking, a ritual is a prescribed or established rite, ceremony, proceeding, or service. Lots of things that happen in religious establishments qualify as rituals too, but that’s not specifically what I’m talking about here.

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