Why Age At All

Watching my friend revel in her granddaughter lifts my spirits and energy. She is enthralled with her granddaughter’s energy, inquisitiveness, determination, resilience, and sense of fun and adventure. You can see her spirit and energy go up as she looks and listens, too.

When I saw this little girl bend over to pick things up off the ground and climb on the furniture with such ease I wondered why we don’t keep that same flexibility as we get older. Why do we quit making life a fun game?

When was the last time you splashed in a puddle, did a Canon ball into the pool, did a running leap into a pile of leaves, or ask “why” until you have the answers you want about the world? I’ll bet it’s been a long, long time. As I looked at the photos and watched these videos of the beaming face and exploration of her world, I understood why we age.

We age because we lose touch with the spirit of the child we were. Life becomes too serious. The fun goes out the window the older we get. We’re told to simmer down, to get serious about our futures, and to quit asking so many questions. That seems like the recipe for a rigid, old life. Ugh.

Who wants to be rigid? Old? Bored? It feels that if you give up the wonder and awe that kids exhibit so beautifully, that’s exactly where you’ll end up. That wonder and awe keep you limber — mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. That’s what oils your joints, imagination, and mind for learning. That’s what feeds your soul.

Yes, we all get older — even you. That doesn’t mean you have to get old or aged.

Life is meant to be fun, and to experience with joy and an open mind. There’s so much to learn! And kids learn better than adults — because they are open-minded and willing to explore. They know no fear, at least not until their adults plant it in them. There’s a lesson there — explore your life with no fear. Explore your life with a youthful mindset. Keep moving. Stay limber. Ask “why” all the time Keep squealing with joy.

That’s how to not age.

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