The Path To Success

The path to success includes one great recipe: 1 part “surround yourself with good people” and 1 part “trust yourself”. Good people guide you, support you, and challenge you. Those good people help you grow and thrive. Trusting yourself helps you sort through what to accept and to adopt, and what to reject or put on the shelf for later. That self-trust strengths you and makes you smarter.

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Memorization Learning Tip

It’s been awhile since I had to memorize something. Those brain cells lose their elasticity with memorization without constant work. I’m struggling with learning a 5-minute presentation I wrote to give for Ignite. It’s *only* five minutes long and I haven’t embedded it in my brain to present with timed slides. I know the material. Maybe it’s my monkey ADD brain playing games with me. Out of desperation and frustration though I came up with an excellent plan to make this presentation mine.

When your memorization skills play games with you and you struggle with learning a simple “something”, try this…..


Your Productivity Tool Bag

The audience members of Ignite Ridgway I spoke with afterward all commented that they used the Structure component of time management from the tool bag I presented that night. They used it for themselves and/or their kids. ADD runs in families, you know.  🙂  Initially, I thought I’d underestimated my audience and was guilty of speaking to the choir.

Later I realized that only a few told me they’d learned they couldn’t make sweeping changes in their routines so used the Strategy of baby steps. What I realized though, is that not one person talked about the Self Care component, especially taking hourly breaks.

Regardless of what spurs you to want to be more productive, to live a high performance life, it’s vital to take hourly breaks. You not only are more productive when you do that but you also are more refreshed at the end of a busy, productive day when you take hourly breaks.

Mindful Communication

People want to be heard and understood, though that’s not always clear from their words and actions.

The best way to accomplish that is to actively listen, ask clarifying questions along the way. The trick is to ask about their feelings by reflecting back what you hear and see. This isn’t the time to offer your opinions or feelings. Stay focused on their feelings until they don’t have anything more to say. You’ll feel the shift in energy, the clue they feel heard and understood.

After people feel heard and understood they can proceed with the business at hand, be that change or the reason for being with you.


The C-Word

How committed are you to your dreams, goals, and purpose? Will you give up plans you’ve made when your Purpose needs your attention?

When my Camino walking partner chose her Purpose over her plans to walk the Camino I was struck by her dedication to that Purpose. I pondered: if I were as committed to building my business and spreading my word about high performance living and the gift of ADD, would my Purpose be reached? My conclusion was…Yes.

When you put your goal, your Purpose, before anything else, that’s commitment. Do you have what it takes to be that committed?


Massive Action

Action overcomes all that holds me back in life. Taking action moves me forward.  Taking Massive Action propels me toward my goals. That’s what I did when I made the decision to postpone my Pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. After planning and training for a year and a half my initial reaction was to wonder what I was going to do next! That reaction lasted seconds, maybe minutes.

First, I called my walking friends and suggested a long walk. Second, I contacted all the people in charge of the speaking opportunities I was missing when I was going to be on the Camino (and quickly was accepted in one event). Third, I started polishing my presentation that I’d be using for at least two of those events. I took massive action and am having massive results.

Fourth, I did my Spanish class for the day.  🙂  I’ll keep training for my postponed Camino so I’m ready when it’s time.

What massive action toward your goals can you take in your life?


Kit, Not On The Camino

Tough decisions have to be made sometimes. How do you handle those situations?

The proactive approach is to do something that supports your heart, soul, and mind. Since I wasn’t going to be walking the Camino de Santiago during September and October, as planned for a year and a half, I decided to invite my walking friends to go walking with me for a day. That was a great step, so to speak, to take to help me get past the dramatic change in my plans.


Walkin’ On

Walking is my theme these days as I train for my “little jaunt” this fall. So today I want to talk about walking On, In, and To.

Walking On
Dr Loeffler, my geography professor, always said that you don’t really know a place until you’ve walked the land. I knew he was right but it seemed crazy to me at the time. Since I heard him say that back in about 1973 I’ve learned first hand how right he was.

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Lessons From My 10-Day Detox Challenge

My journey to even healthier eating really got started in late 2011 when I discovered Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint. Mark taught me that a healthy approach to life is as a lifestyle not a collection of programs. Since then I have found several others who have what seem to me to be logical, down-to-earth approaches to diet, exercise, and sleeping. Dr Mark Hyman is one such person.

When Dr Hyman announced his 10-Day Detox Challenge I signed up. I felt I already ate a pretty toxic-free diet but knew I’d learn something new. And I did! The foods he had us ban from our diets weren’t that much different from the foods I tend to avoid anyway — sugar, grains, legumes, and dairy. He also had us avoid high-glycemic and starchy foods. Ok, that’s a bit different so I was curious to see what difference that would make.

Ten days of clean eating gave me more energy and better, deeper sleep. I already had a 30-minute per day exercise program and lots of walking so that wasn’t a stretch for me. The lesson was that during the three-day class I attended in the middle of the Challenge I wasn’t able to do my exercise program and that’s when I appreciated the value and wisdom of exercise in living a healthy life. Without the exercise I was a bit stiffer and less focused. With the exercise I had better focus and clarity and limberness. Those little annoying body “issues” were absent during my 10 days.

When you participate in a Challenge like this one you tend to be thinking about food in a different way so food is on your mind more. Not in the the starved-human way but in the what-eating-habits-are-others-following-right-now way. I’m aware of how much sugar people eat in general but I was hyper aware of it during the class I attended. The amount of sugary drinks, bread-centric foods, and unhealthy snacks consumed was astounding! And then there was the ice cream social with whipped cream, hot fudge and caramel sauces, sprinkles, nuts, and even cherries. The smell of the sugary treats made my brain sit up and demand to have some while my taste buds were shuddering at the thought of that stuff in my mouth. The taste buds won, fortunately. Toxic food really does play a big role in our lives.

That experience was underlined when this thought came across my computer screen to get me to think a bit more on the subject:

When we remove diversion of food, we open ourselves up to an opportunity for deeper healing. Feelings that were covered up by food come to the surface and we deal with the root causes behind them.

Food became an adventure for me. It brought my husband and me together for dinner together every night, something we’d slipped away from because of busy schedules. We found fun ways to prepare the foods we love that were on the approved foods list in new ways to make them more interesting. And I found several new, delicious smoothy recipes for my breakfasts.

Day Eleven. I went on a food binge! I was eating “approved” foods, but in mass quantities. I recognized a pattern I have, two actually. When I restrict myself when doing diets or challenges I “reward” myself at the end with a feast. And that feast is consumed in my chain-eating style; as I swallow one bite the next one goes in. Not good.

I also learned that I can’t eat sweet foods, even sweetened with dates, because that short-circuits my control. Sweet foods are a bad idea for me, at least for now. I’ll be curious to learn if down the road that goes away as I continue to eat non-toxic foods.

Because I slipped on Day 11 I’m repeating the 10-Day Detox Plan and then going on to the Transition phase. It’s going to be fun and interesting.

Even if you think you eat and exercise healthfully and are healthy, I challenge you to do a 10-Day Detox Challenge of your own so you can witness first hand how your body feels. Then you can decide for yourself how you want your lifestyle to look and feel.