Food Passion

I’m passionate about food. I’m especially passionate about eating healthy, organic food. That passion hopefully overcomes the passion for sugar and junk food I seem to have. I’ve gotten to the point that if I really like a food, I figure it must have sugar in it — and I’m usually right. 🙂

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Transforming Your Life

You don’t have energy, you generate it. I liked that conviction when I first heard it, and have repeated it many times.

It makes total sense. As with any generator, you need specific things to generate your energy: fresh air, food, water, and the desire or attitude of energy. That last element may be the most important for living an energized life.

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Rituals For An Energized Life

Are rituals part of your life? Maybe you’d like to better understand what I’m asking before you commit to an answer. In my way of thinking, a ritual is a prescribed or established rite, ceremony, proceeding, or service. Lots of things that happen in religious establishments qualify as rituals too, but that’s not specifically what I’m talking about here.

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Knowing Your Worth

Self-respect may be the most valuable personal asset you have. Or should have.

For too many years I let my fear of punishment, or my concept of being a good sport or a professional, keep me from realizing my full potential. Too often I didn’t follow the path I knew to be right because of some misunderstanding of my role in the situation.

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Yes Energy

By nature and nurture, “yes” energy is an uphill battle. According to Alison Ledgerwood, our fundamental view of the world tends to tilt toward the negative. That leads me to believe that being positive is an uphill battle, at least for most people.

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