Look to the Telemeres

Being told something can’t be done brings out resistance in me. Of course “it” can be done, even if you don’t know how — yet. Aging is one of those things that we’re told is natural and it can’t be helped, that it happens as it does. Enter my attitude: “of course it can be helped”. Telomeres may be one part of the solution for what helps change the face of what natural aging looks like. Color me tickled!

The newest anti-aging science on the horizon, even newer than microbiome work, is telomeres. There isn’t affordable telomere therapy yet, but there are things you can do to improve your telomeres to help you age better.

What are telomeres? They are the end caps on your chromosomes. They protect the ends of the DNA strands from shortening and fraying. Shortened telomeres translated to premature aging diseases.

If shortened telomeres relate to premature aging diseases, then it stands to reason that longer telomeres relate to healthier aging. This idea catches my attention and fancy. It turns out that if you do the things that doctors and scientists tell you to do to maintain a strong immune system, to be strong, and to de-stress then you are taking care of your telomeres.

You can bet that scientists will find other ways to keep your telomeres un-frayed and longer, but for now, here’s a simplified action list for what you do.
1. Eat your fiber.
2. Do high-intensity interval training.
3. Get your omega-3s.
4. Get “adequate” vitamin D3.
5. Relax with meditation and/or yoga.

Having control of your aging sounds divine to me. You can keep your telomeres long with this lifestyle. You can reverse the shortening of your telomeres if you previously have let them shorten by adopting this lifestyle. It’s not too late to get better!

You don’t have to resign yourself to premature aging or typically age-related diseases. You can make five relatively simple lifestyle changes and enjoy a vibrant and optimal life.

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