Transform Fear Into Action
6 Weeks to Learn How Action Gives You Freedom

I believe we can live with success, freedom, and joy.
I guide entrepreneurs to get there easily by teaching them to manage their chaos, distractions, and fears.
I believe there is a better way.

If you’re like me, at times you have felt life is unrewarding or unfulfilling. It doesn’t seem to matter what you do, it just doesn’t seem to work the way you want, or give you the results you seek.

In these turbulent times, you may find yourself thinking or saying “I can’t” more often than usual, resisting what life is handing you, and blocking yourself from growth, success, or even a good time.

You go through life fearing judgment or rejection. So you hide behind a facade, or you avoid “putting yourself out there” hoping to feel safe, but finding that’s not rewarding.

What my students and I have discovered is that several emotions and attitudes that hold you back.

Do you feel your options are limited and there’s no use striving for what you want? You aren’t alone.

Do you fear the possibility of making the wrong choices? You aren’t alone.

Are you unfocused and find your mind and actions bouncing all over the place?

I’ve been in your shoes AND I have the answer for you.

There’s a better way, and I can get you there in 6 weeks.

Who’s This Course For?

You feel different, like an outsider. You’ve been shamed and ridiculed. You struggle to keep your life organized, productive, and moving forward. When you learn to Transform Your Fear, you’ll start living the life you were meant to.

You have great ideas that don’t quite come to fruition. Your path has unpredictable ups and downs. You don’t know where to turn. Your life and schedule are overwhelmed and in chaos.

The Unfocused
Whether you’re a student, under-employed professional, or introvert, your future feels fuzzy and out of control. Transforming your fear of the unknown helps clear the cobwebs in your brain so you can think clearly and take action, creating a life path you will enjoy.


Hi there!

I’m Kit. I’ve been walking this Transformation path for a long time. My Resistance and Fear challenges are probably different from yours, but they are just as real. Through my years of coaching, I’ve come to realize that there is one common element all of my clients share. That element disguises itself in various ways, but when you look deep and get to the bottom of their issues, you find this one element. Fear.

Fear is at the bottom of their issues. That is true for the B&B innkeepers, real estate clients, people ordered into mediation, coaching clientele, entrepreneurs, people with ADD, and people who feel unfocused and unfulfilled. Each situation has taught me about fear.

I’ve been coaching for over 30 years now, and am an ADD Entrepreneur myself. I’ve struggled with feeling lost and undirected. I’ve experienced resistance. Along the way, I’ve learned what Transforms Fear Into Action really means, and what being paralyzed by fear or blocked by “I can’t” does. I’ve also come to understand what happens when people let fear rule them and “I can’t” block them — and what happens when you face those situations and attitudes. As I worked my way through my issues, it’s strengthened my coaching and understanding of my clients’ issues.

You can benefit from adopting the right mindset and the tools I’ve developed to help so many people change from that feeling of being stuck, immobilized, and frozen by life’s challenges to the feeling of confidence, strength, and being able to take action.


I want to do the same for you!

You’re just a click away from changing how you approach your emotions that arise from uncomfortable situations and an “I can’t” attitude, and bring fear to the forefront of your life.


So, here’s what we’re going to do together

We’re going to reduce the anxiety, worry, resistance, and stress in your life — at home, at work, and in social situations — using the unique framework I’ve developed through the years.

This is a process I’ve built and refined so you don’t need to fight the emotions that raise an “I can’t” attitude and disguise your fear so that you can step out of their shadow.

And, we are going to do it all in 6 weeks. Schedule your private class today!

You are going to get access to me at an incredibly affordable price. My typical hourly rate starts at $300 — and if we are going to work together once a week, that comes to $2,700 for 6 weeks. But, I’m charging much less than that for this course — the price for this course is a steal. The 60 minutes we meet each week to discuss the fears in your life will be spent with you learning the mindset and tools you need to transform your resistance and fears into action. The homework you process will further work to help develop a different attitude. You will gain insights and ideas so you can live your life more comfortably, joyfully, and successfully.


So, if you’re all in, contact me now.


Transform Fear Into Action

6-weeks to Living with Purpose, Joy, and Freedom

Value: Priceless

Class Starts: When you schedule your one-on-one class



Here’s how this will work:

Every Week…

We’ll meet for 90 minutes via Zoom. We’ll review the previous week’s discussion and homework then move into the current week’s discussion.


Access Anytime

All the materials (including call recordings and my lecture notes) you need will be emailed to you, along with the week’s homework assignment.


What We’ll Work On Each Week

It’s all laid out for you: all you have to do is show up, follow my directions,
and feel improvement starting week one.

Week 0: Pre-Course

Your welcome tour to the course with some housekeeping tips for getting the most from this course.

Week 1: What’s Resistance And Fear All About

You’ll learn where resistance and fear come from, the different types of fear, how it shows up in your life, and the introduction to the framework you’ll use for transforming your fear into action.

Week 2: Curiosity

Learn how exploring your thoughts and engaging in your life differently helps you get more from life.

Week 3: Adaptability

Discover how being flexible with life’s experiences helps you transform your fear, or even avoid it.

Week 4: Present and Accounted For

How to use being present gives you a different understanding of your old and new fears.

Week 5: Open Up

How being open to growth and pushing yourself to the next best version of you takes the energy out of fear.

Week 6: Freedom!

Explore and enjoy the results of what you have learned and what it’s like to liberate yourself.


Transform Fear Into Action

6-weeks to Living with Purpose and Freedom

Value: Priceless

Your investment: $1,200

Schedule your one-on-one class.



So, if you’re all in, I need to hear from you now.

Let’s Learn Together!

Questions? Click here to ask.


What My Clients Say About Working With Me

If you’re thinking of taking the program, do it. Invest in yourself and your growth. Kit is really great at helping anyone to unleash their full potential.
—Eugina Jordan, VP Marketing – Massachusetts

Welcome to the beginning of doing what you want to do. I feel that with the techniques, encouragement, and help I received, my changes are mine for life. My hope and advice for you: sign-up, attend the sessions, do the work, and find the tools to begin changing your life for the better!
—M. George, Retired, Colorado

My primary benefit of this course was unexpected: a 10x improvement in productivity. Was that a fluke? No! I gained an increased awareness of where Fear holds me back in my life and business, and a framework for overcoming that fear. It turns out much of my procrastination was rooted in holding back due to various fears. By uncovering and addressing those fears with Kit’s framework, I was able to move past them.
—Don Downs, RV Business Coach, North Carolina

In the course about transforming fear, Kit provided a tool that not only made sense but also was easy to apply to my life immediately. During the 6-week course, I applied the tools to various fear situations; they helped me more than the 20 sessions I spent with a psychologist to overcome some PTSD from a car accident. The tools have helped change my mindset to one of action vs staying stuck in fear. I highly recommend the course, Transform Fear Into Action.
—Rebecca Fuller, Intuitive Coach & Consultant – Alberta, Canada

I’ve never been asked to answer so many questions about myself, my dreams, my stumbling blocks. I’ve always wanted to save the world. I now have ideas for places to focus my energy and talents where they might do the most good for the world and be the most fun for myself.
—Gloria Krusemeyer, System Analyst – Minnesota

This class helped me see how many of my thinking patterns were holding me back — even sabotaging me — in my journey to be the best me that I can be. Plus, it gave me the tools to work through these challenges of change on a daily basis without being overwhelmed and giving up. Loved the interactions with the group!
—Marty Schafer, Virtual Assistant – Texas

The program took me on a deep dive into thoughts and behaviours that were being dictated by fears I didn’t even consciously know I had. I signed up for this course without even paying attention to the topic because I knew, after the first experience with Kit this one would be great. I was right. I’m diving into two more programs with Kit, too. I highly recommend this course for everyone and anyone, whether you think you have fears that are driving you or not.
—Lindsey Ross, Landscape Architect – Ontario, Canada

The number one benefit has been renewed confidence. The awareness of fear and the different ways it presented itself was key. Kit’s tool provided a way for me to examine my experiences and uncover the root fears.  I am now more confident not only that I can address my fears, but I can move through them with grace, proving to myself daily that indeed I am more than able to move forward with my dreams and goals. Thanks Kit for your incredible guidance!
—Megan Bromirski, Artist – Colorado


Tell yourself a different story, one step at a time…

  • Simplify your stories. A common mistake is that you believe the stories you tell yourself. I’ll help you see there are better stories to tell — stories that will lift your life.
  • Step by step, you’ll learn to apply my 4-part framework for transforming your Fear into Action. I’ll push you hard to get this formula down pat.
  • Drop expectations of how your past directs you, and your future guides you when it comes to your fears. That judgment and control won’t get you anywhere. You’ll learn how to manage your thoughts to benefit you, not control you.
  • You’ll learn to tell positive stories and live in action. Feel the power and joy in that!
  • Your transformation will be as big as you will let it be.

Through the 6-week course, you’ll gain more confidence to live your truth, and experience the joy, peace, and freedom of a fear-free life. It’s not that you won’t ever experience fear again, it’s that you will have the mindset and tools to Transform those Fears into Action with powerful, true stories. When you engage in the conversations and homework each week, you’ll develop a strong foundation for living an empowered life.


What Are You Waiting For?

Join me for this one-of-a-kind fear transformation course where I’ll guide you to develop the mindset and tools that will help you transform fear into action for a refreshing feel of freedom and the joy and success that come with that.

I am so excited to teach you the tool and mindset that have helped me transform my fear into action — time and again.

Our Coaching/Classes Terms and Conditions apply and must be agreed to during registration.