Relief Is Spelled V. O. I. C. E.

2 thoughts on “Relief Is Spelled V. O. I. C. E.”

  1. Dear Kit,

    This is very interesting, especially now — when we have time to devote to introspection. When I first read “Relief is spelled V.O.I.C.E.” I thought it was going to be an achronym (like: Vulnerability, Outlook, Introspection, Choice, Emotion). Or something.
    I went back to Randy’s column and also the TED talk. Really made me think. Hope you are both doing well. I think of our time together often and smile.

    • I was thinking of the old Rolaid’s commercial: How do you spell relief? R.O.L.A.I.D.S. I like your acronym, though. Maybe I’ll use that as an article prompt later. 🙂

      If your reaction to the article, the column, and the TED talk was to think, then my job has been accomplished.

      We are doing well. I’m glad you are still smiling from our adventures; we are too.

      Thanks for your Comments, Ann.


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