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Balancing Four Vitally Important Life Factors

It’s the tiny connections in life that sometimes make the biggest impacts on our lives. And they make life interesting! That experience happened for me recently when I heard Napoleon Hill, author of Think And Grow Rich, mention during one of his recorded lectures, something about a healthy life being created by balancing four vitally important factors. […]

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Gifts — a LIFE vlog

Those reminders to stop — or at least slow down — and take stock of life or a situation happen regularly. Sometimes it’s a deer jumping in front of me, sometimes it’s a string of red lights that remind me to not take life so seriously. Sometimes that message to slow down means a mental slow […]

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Fear — A LIFE Vlog

Listening to the fear rise from people in so many areas of life dismays me. It seems that people are looking for excuses to blame others for their fear. I see it in politics, world news, health issues, the price of gas — you name it, people find something to be afraid of and to […]

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Less Creates More Abundance, a Vlog

One of the biggest comments I got about the blog How To Get More: Less was about less creating more abundance. Some understood the concept, others weren’t clear about my meaning. Having never really talked about its meaning to me I found it an interesting challenge to express myself. It’s easier for me to have […]

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