Balancing Four Vitally Important Life Factors

It’s the tiny connections in life that sometimes make the biggest impacts on our lives. And they make life interesting!

That experience happened for me recently when I heard Napoleon Hill, author of Think And Grow Rich, mention during one of his recorded lectures, something about a healthy life being created by balancing four vitally important factors. He went on to talk about how the Mayo brothers had this concept.

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Holiday Chaos to Holiday Simplicity

The holiday season, that period of time between Thanksgiving and New Years (in my book), is filled with food and fun, parties and people, shopping and singing, and cleaning and chaos. We get so caught up in all the things to do that we forget what’s really important — spending quality time with friends and family. It’s a shame, really.

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Choose A Meaningful, Connected Life

I believe that as a society in general we are overwhelmed, over booked, over weight and unhealthy, exhausted, scared, and uncertain. We want to have meaningful, connected lives. We want lives that we control and direct. Until we start making choices that support our desire for connection, a sane pace and schedule, and for health on all levels, we will continue to be overwhelmed, over booked, over weight and unhealthy, exhausted, scared and uncertain.

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