Gifts — a LIFE vlog

Those reminders to stop — or at least slow down — and take stock of life or a situation happen regularly. Sometimes it’s a deer jumping in front of me, sometimes it’s a string of red lights that remind me to not take life so seriously. Sometimes that message to slow down means a mental slow down, sometimes it means a physical slow down. Sometimes the message I’m taking stock of is that I was in the wrong job, or with friends who weren’t supportive of me and therefore not good for me to hang with. Other times I get to learn that I can’t successfully do so many things at once, if I want to avoid accidents big and small.

Through the years I’ve witnessed friends and family suffer from illnesses, losses, and various scares. Friends and family, and myself too, have been “downsized”, had accidents, and lost valuable items. Sometimes, for me, the message has been clear. Sometimes, for my loved ones, the message has been clear. But often, we are all left wondering “why me”, or “what do these things happen to me”?!

As I’ve sought personal growth I’ve had a chance to explore meaning in life and in events around me. I know there’s more meaning than first meets the eye in the things I see. It’s just not always obvious. Those meanings aren’t always desirable, until we change our way of thinking.

Lots of times it takes a mindset shift to appreciate the message that comes from events. It takes introspection to apply that message to your own life, to learn from it, and to grow from it.

It’s been an especially “educational” year or two for me. This vlog captures a summary of what I’ve learned from some painful and sad events. There are lots of lessons, but this one I’m sharing is about Gifts.


2 thoughts on “Gifts — a LIFE vlog”

  1. When I was 21 a (turned out to be) dear friend discussed reincarnation and life with me. Since that time, I have lived life looking for the lesson/message/gift in all situations and circumstance in which I find myself. I am now 64 and have not abandoned this perspective on life events. It is a very helpful approach. Works well to learn, and to generate and maintain gratitude in life.

    • I think you nailed that one, Janet. Gratitude. And sometimes it takes effort to feel that gratitude.

      Any tricks to share on finding those lessons, messages and gifts? Seems you have a few years of experience and wisdom.

      It’s easier to see the gift for others than myself. But, I always look, and generally find them.


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