Gifts — a LIFE vlog

2 thoughts on “Gifts — a LIFE vlog”

  1. When I was 21 a (turned out to be) dear friend discussed reincarnation and life with me. Since that time, I have lived life looking for the lesson/message/gift in all situations and circumstance in which I find myself. I am now 64 and have not abandoned this perspective on life events. It is a very helpful approach. Works well to learn, and to generate and maintain gratitude in life.

    • I think you nailed that one, Janet. Gratitude. And sometimes it takes effort to feel that gratitude.

      Any tricks to share on finding those lessons, messages and gifts? Seems you have a few years of experience and wisdom.

      It’s easier to see the gift for others than myself. But, I always look, and generally find them.


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