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Listening to the fear rise from people in so many areas of life dismays me. It seems that people are looking for excuses to blame others for their fear. I see it in politics, world news, health issues, the price of gas — you name it, people find something to be afraid of and to blame others for.

I believe that we don’t need to have fear as a reaction. Sorrow, concern, and activism are better responses. But, I think that love is the best response. Hate and fear don’t help you feel secure and safe. Those emotions only keep you stirred up and insecure. Love, on the other hand, lets you relax and feel safer and more secure.

More of my thoughts on fear are found in this 4-minute video.

Fear stifles your creativity, your capability to think clearly, your sense of adventure, your capacity to think outside the box when it comes to problem solving and team building, and your ability to love fully.

Life can be so much more when you conquer fear, when you open yourself to more positive attitudes and feelings.

4 thoughts on “Fear — A LIFE Vlog”

  1. It is nice. It will make some people think a bit and possibly put effort in a different direction from how fear is generated and effecting them. But, what IS love? In a lecture Audle said, and I quote, “Love means to help. It is not physical chemistry or attraction. It is not judgment and moralizing. Love is to help.”

    And, from Paramhansa Yogananda, “Fearlessness means faith in God; Faith in God’s protection, wisdom, mercy, love, and omnipresence. To be fit for self realization, man must be fearless.” To me, this statement from Yogananda means and all encompassing TRUST in the fact that everything is perfect in the great supreme creation, even if it does not “feel” like it is.

    To the human who has been abused all their life, love is the back of a hand, until they can learn differently. I know you are speaking to people who are already seeking a different way, or some sort of self improvement. But, out in the masses (among the blunt skulls) love is many different things, some of which you and I would not label love.

    I may be in a strange state of mind right now too. Brother Jim is in hospital trying to recover from surgery. I am so glad he has his wife Ellen, who has loved him as best she knows how. His growing up was full of his brother beating him up, lots of verbal bs and manipulation and his Dad beating on him until he could hardly breathe. So, I am so grateful to be able to express love to him and grateful that he has had a nice wife to love him. She has been a big “help” for Jim. Still, we see the residue of his childhood in how he often has had difficulty loving himself. Me too.

    From the point of not nourishing our bodies as well as we know how to, to closing down and not allowing other people “in” very far. So, love is many things. In my school of 35+ years, it is sitting in the stream, in the center of the life force, and allowing it to bathe me, to “help” me be at peace, and heal and know the love and joy of that which has no name. This may not be at all what you want in your comments my friend. Love and Light to you.

    • Thank you for providing a different perspective on love. I had an “easy” childhood and see only the positive sides of love. But, I too have friends who saw the back of a hand, or a switch, as a sign of love. I like Audle’s definition of love. I guess I’m kinda using love and gratitude synonymously.

      Interesting perspective on fear. So, I hear you saying that you replace fear with trust, fill that void fear wants to hold, and fill it with trust. I like that. And I guess it takes as much “faith” to fill the void of fear with love as it does with trust. It’s an exercise, and a huge stretch for many, to accomplish this, but I know from personal experience it’s well worth the effort.

      Sorry to hear about your brother. You didn’t say how serious the reason for the surgery was, but any surgery is cause for concern. I appreciate your love and gratitude toward him and his wife — what a caring gesture. And probably all you can physically do right now. You just touched on another topic — loving yourself. That’s really hard for most people, even those who weren’t abused. Maybe you can be his role model and with time he’ll learn to love himself.

      I think peace, healing, and joy could be synonymous with the love I referred to in my video. I’m glad you have access to that stream.

      I appreciate your stepping up to make a comment. I’m looking forward to a dialogue here. Let’s see what happens.

      Love and light to you, Janet.

  2. P.S. You, by the way, are “helping” people, even the complete strangers who may be in contact due to this video. Therefore, you are loving. Thank you! 🙂

    • Ooohh! Thanks for that huge compliment. And confirmation that I’ll make a difference to the world.

      I had someone unsubscribe because of this vlog. The reader said that so far all I’ve provided is “Kum-Bah-Yah nonsense”, and I wondered if all readers felt that way. It made me laugh at myself too, realizing how out of touch with others’ reality I am (or may be). I had thought I’d provided some pretty solid ideas along the way. 😀 I guess I’ll have to consider my messages more.


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