Pick It Up and Put It Down

Boundaries are something most people I know can stand to do more work with. We benefit by having rules and limitations on our behaviors and how we let others treat us. Having boundaries around our thoughts and emotions is a new spin on the concept, a spin I hadn’t considered before.

When you pick something up that you don’t have any business handling, put it down. I think you’d agree that’s logical for things that you pick up that don’t belong to you it’s appropriate to put them down. Would you agree when you pick up thoughts and feelings that don’t belong to you that you’d be well-served to put them down again? Haven’t you crossed a boundary when you’ve picked up a thought or emotion that isn’t yours?

I personally love the simplistic approach to this concept. The thoughts and feelings that are mine to pick up are ones that move me forward in life. Everything else is not for me. Everything else is something I will strive to not pick up, and if I do — I’ll put it down.

Examples of what I’m talking about include thoughts and emotions that don’t serve you:
– what others think of you
– an intended insult or slam
– a grudge
– a negative thought about being old
– a limiting thought

It seems to me that when I find myself having picked up any of those examples, or variations of them, I end up making myself miserable, or I cut myself off from all that life has to offer me. Why do that, especially since I have the choice not to.

Fences make good neighbors. Boundaries are a type of fence. Your closest neighbor is yourself, so set boundaries for yourself. Treat yourself as you would want to be treated, or as you’d treat a cherished friend or neighbor.

What a great way to keep yourself on a positive, forward-moving path through life. Create a boundary that reminds you, what you pick up that doesn’t benefit you, put it down as fast as you can. Doesn’t that feel better already?

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