What Your Hurdles Really Are

You and I have a problem in common. In fact, all humans share this trait. Some recognize they have it. Others either don’t recognize it or deny they have it.


Fear shows up in so many ways that it’s like a chameleon hiding in plain sight. That’s why it’s taken me awhile to figure out that is what I ultimately work with people on in coaching.

Fear is what keeps people from making good decisions about living life to its fullest. That’s what keeps people stuck in their lives and not moving forward. It’s what keeps ADDers from being their best, creative selves.

Fear is reflected in judgment and expectations, it leads to hate and war, it can be seen in hoarding — of belongings, money, time, and food — and it is the primary source of self-abuse like drinking, overeating, and gambling.

I’ve intuitively known I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing for years. The concept behind my purpose — especially how I describe it to others — has been elusive, though. Initially, I felt the way to express my purpose was to help people learn how to balance the four “buckets” of their life — Health, Wealth, Work, and Play. Oh, but then I learned how much ADD was impacting my life and realized it was affecting lots of people’s lives too, and knew I could help. When I returned from my first Camino, **** transformation was big on my mind because I had seen how much people weren’t living the lives of their dreams, nor were they designing their lives to reflect their talents and passions.

It was during an exercise I did a few months ago for my mentor and storytelling coach that I realized everything I’d been trying to do in my business was to help people get a handle on their fear, to get past it, and to make the most of their lives.

When I talked to a few peers about my epiphany, some counseled me to not tell people they have fear because they’d shut down and not hear me — or walk away. These peers felt that I’d lose business by being direct.

But, you know what? I realized that it was their fear speaking.

I mentally ran through the coaching sessions I’ve conducted, the teachings I’ve shared, and the conversations I’ve had with friends, family, and strangers using my insight as a test to see if it would hold up to the scrutiny. I looked for holes and flaws in my realization, for exceptions, and for different angles or terms. It all came back to fear.

Then, I talked with friends to see if they could find the holes, flaws, exceptions, or different angles and terms. The quest became more interesting with more people involved. But nobody could find fault with my observation. It’s not that most people have fears, it’s that all people have them.

Fear is insidious. Realizing how pervasive it is and how much it diminishes people’s lives I decided it’s time for me to stand up and fight it. One client at a time.

I’ll work to get to the sources of fear and guide people to face their fears, to develop habits that will let them weed fear from their lives, to reframe their thoughts so they regain and maintain the upper hand with their thinking and feelings. Fear weakens you. You deserve better. You deserve to live a strong life of your design and creation.

And it’s my mission to help you through it — if you’ll let me.

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