Freedom From Paralyzing Fear

8 thoughts on “Freedom From Paralyzing Fear”

  1. I know that bridge in Ireland. We didn’t have time to cross it because of our schedule. If we had, my crossing would have been with jumping kneecaps and a faster beating heart, but I would have done it. The person I was traveling with, wouldn’t have given it a second thought….would have crossed it like walking on a sidewalk! Yes, we have different perspectives. Enjoyed your message.

    • How much fun, Karen, that you know that bridge! And brava that you would have done it, even with trembling knees. You would have felt more empowered when you got back to the mainland. Different perspectives make the world go round.

      Glad you enjoyed the article and message.

  2. I would have crossed the bridge, but not as blithely as some. I like new experiences and I would have enjoyed the ‘win’ afterward for sure. You write beautifully of the whole experience and the thought process. Thank you.


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