Turn The Light On!

As a kid, when you were scared of the monster under your bed or in your closet, did your parents turn the light on to show you what was there? What a simple and reasonable response to that fear.

Did that lesson stick with you so that in the future when you were scared you turned the light on yourself, rather than ask your parents to? It might have taken a while to learn that lesson, but you hopefully did and that then lead you to get over your fear because you knew there wasn’t a monster in the room, based on past experiences.

Fast forward to today. How do you respond to your fear? Do you do the equivalent of turning the light on? That might be asking yourself if the “monster” is real, or even a possibility. You could turn to look at the “monster” to evaluate it for yourself. Or, getting curious about what kind of monster it truly is and researching it.

It seems as if there are more and more things to be afraid of — or that we are told to be afraid of. Are you buying into those messages? I hope not. I think today’s fear-based society would benefit tremendously by “turning the light” on and looking the “monster”.

It’s my hunch that the monster isn’t as big and terrifying as the news would have you believe. When you know what you are dealing with by your direct viewing and analysis, you can better create a response plan.

Action generally overcomes fear. Being proactive in your life to examine and evaluate those potential threats is important in your health — mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

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