Choose A Meaningful, Connected Life

I believe that as a society in general we are overwhelmed, over booked, over weight and unhealthy, exhausted, scared, and uncertain. We want to have meaningful, connected lives. We want lives that we control and direct. Until we start making choices that support our desire for connection, a sane pace and schedule, and for health on all levels, we will continue to be overwhelmed, over booked, over weight and unhealthy, exhausted, scared and uncertain.

When we are too busy to take care of ourselves we fall into reaction mode, and fall out of responsive mode. Reaction mode leads to fear which opens the doors to uncertainty. In reactive mode we let our religious and political leaders fill our heads with nonsense, with things that don’t make sense. That puts us off balance, we buy into the rhetoric without thinking about the words being thrown around. We see the economy falling apart, we feel the anger of those around us and see the political and religious division between people, and we start thinking there are enemies around every corner.

When we are more centered, grounded, and taking care of our schedules and lives we can be responsive to the ebb and flow of life. Responsive mode leads to clarity and courage, to certainty. When we can have calm discussions to gain understanding, when we can be discerning about the messages we hear, when we can take care of ourselves regularly, then we can lead a connected and meaningful life. In responsive mode we are more resilient to the onslaught of the negative news in the press and understand the world isn’t a dark, awful place.

Living out of your four buckets regularly helps you make decisions that keep you balanced and healthy, that let you be in responsive mode. Managing your time so you have space in your life for work, play, health and wealth activities is what opens your life to meaning, connection, and a sane schedule.

Set your priorities. Choose your actions. Be clear about what you want so you can be clear about how you spend your time and who you spend your time with. Have the courage to make the choices that support your dreams, goals, and desires.

Make healthy choices to reduce your level of exhaustion. From exhaustion comes poor decision making that leads to more exhaustion, if you aren’t careful. Healthy choices include balancing your work and play, eating whole and healthy foods, moving more, serving others, developing and maintaining a positive frame of mind, and acknowledging and honoring your strengths.

What are your strengths? How do you keep a positive mindset? Do you make choices that support a healthy body? How do you serve others? What do you do to keep your work and play balanced?

I believe you want a meaningful, connected life. I believe you can have that life.


Enjoy my I Believe video that echos my words here.

2 thoughts on “Choose A Meaningful, Connected Life”

  1. This sounds great, but my imbalance is created by the demands on my time. How can I fit another program into my busy schedule and how much time does this program take? How is it different from other stress management programs available?

  2. Thanks for your questions, Kay.

    The cause of your imbalance isn’t unusual. Most of us in western civilization have too much on our plates and struggle with managing our time. That’s part of the first lesson in the 4-week Earth Course: Time Management. :~)

    This isn’t a stress management program. This is a program to help you get back into balance and to learn to focus so you can experience more joy in life, and less stress. The difference between my program and others that may be out there is me. I’ve taken numerous courses through the years that have helped me with some aspect of life I was struggling with. I’ve pulled all those courses together and woven my personal experience throughout. It’s a process along the path, not a destination. I’m on that path with you so we can support each other as we grow and improve our focus and balance, as we empower ourselves to live the lives we want.

    That help? Did I raise more questions than I answered?


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