Choose A Meaningful, Connected Life

2 thoughts on “Choose A Meaningful, Connected Life”

  1. This sounds great, but my imbalance is created by the demands on my time. How can I fit another program into my busy schedule and how much time does this program take? How is it different from other stress management programs available?

  2. Thanks for your questions, Kay.

    The cause of your imbalance isn’t unusual. Most of us in western civilization have too much on our plates and struggle with managing our time. That’s part of the first lesson in the 4-week Earth Course: Time Management. :~)

    This isn’t a stress management program. This is a program to help you get back into balance and to learn to focus so you can experience more joy in life, and less stress. The difference between my program and others that may be out there is me. I’ve taken numerous courses through the years that have helped me with some aspect of life I was struggling with. I’ve pulled all those courses together and woven my personal experience throughout. It’s a process along the path, not a destination. I’m on that path with you so we can support each other as we grow and improve our focus and balance, as we empower ourselves to live the lives we want.

    That help? Did I raise more questions than I answered?


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