What’s The Opposite Of Fear?

Two conversations about fear surfaced in my life at about the same time. That kind of serendipity always catches my attention and intrigues me. One conversation was about what fear is, and the other was about what’s the opposite of fear.

I’ve published a term article about the opposite of fear that comes to a different conclusion. Check it out.

Fear is resistance. Being open to other possibilities than the one you are holding onto helps overcome resistance. It’s a reflection of attachment to specific outcomes. Developing a positive outlook and attitude helps you avoid fear, and even release it once you realize you are holding it.

Fear is the mismanagement of emotions. Being self-aware is one good step toward managing your emotions. Fear can be like a mirror for you; as you find fear welling up in you, that’s a good time to step back and evaluate what emotion the fear is “acting out” for you. An attitude of gratitude is a great fear releaser.

Then there were the opinions about what the opposite of fear is. This conversation went on for a long time, with a wide range of ideas put out for discussion. Words like peace, optimistic, faith, trust, and belief came up. Also, confidence, contentment, forgiveness, and security were considered during this conversation. Education was offered up as a different look at fear. Eagerness, openness, acceptance, as well as fearless and fearlessness were also suggested as opposites of fear. Steadfast, empowered, and guts were also words thrown into the mix.

One discussion that wasn’t addressed is what fear can do for you. It can be a motivator, protector, and guide. It can inspire you. Or it can bring you down and cause you to freeze.

I see overlap between the two conversations. I see different backgrounds and experiences revealed in the discussion. There were religious foundations, intellectual approaches, and self-reliance attitudes expressed. What great conversations to witness and be part of.

How do you view fear? What role does it play in your life?

Some people see fear as something to avoid or something to conquer. Could fear be just another emotion that is in your life and it takes on as much emotional charge as you allow it or give it? Can it be a beast that grows if you feed it and shrinks if you ignore it — or deal with it calmly?

I don’t have answers here. I suspect there is no one correct answer. I do think it’s good to get a handle on what fear is to you and how you want to channel it so that you can direct your life rather than letting fear direct it.

The oak tree can break in a storm while the bamboo stalk bends in a storm. Being mindful is one way of learning to manage your emotions, including fear, so you don’t resist and break. Being focused is also part of your solution to what fear is in your life. Focus on growing with flexibility and detachment so the storm passes you by.

How are you going to live your life?


I’ve published another article about the opposite of fear that comes to a different conclusion. Check it out.

4 thoughts on “What’s The Opposite Of Fear?”

  1. I thought it interesting that the word “courage” was not mentioned in your discussions, though fearless and fearlessness were. Neither here nor there in the scheme though. And, “being mindful.” I think many, if not most, folks may need to be taught how to become mindful. I don’t think, in many cases, a person just decides to become mindful one day. It is learned and practiced, until one “becomes” mindful, generally speaking. Mindfulness is a state of being, as opposed to something one turns on and off. Just my thoughts this a.m. I think you do a marvelous job. Much Love, Peace and Light to you.

    • That is an interesting observation. It’s possible “courage” was mentioned and I either overlooked including it or didn’t see it. It adds to the conversation though, doesn’t it.

      I love your thoughts about mindfulness! Yes, it does take practice and vigilance. I suspect that even after it becomes your way of life you benefit by staying vigilant with your life to stay mindful. But, I guess that vigilance is part of mindfulness. 🙂

      Thanks for your compliment. Peace to you too.

  2. Some months ago now, I asked myself what he opposite of fear was, after being indoctrinated that ‘love’ was its opposite throughout my life via cultural messages and memes.

    After some time, I concluded that hope was it’s opposite. As fear is the motivator that holds us back, stops us from going forward in life, from taking the next step, or doing what needs to be done. I concluded that whatever thrusts us forward might indeed be its opposite. After some time searching and researching, the closest word I could find was ‘hope’. Hope seems to meet the criteria I was looking for. Currently that is my belief system. Fear, in all its forms, holds us back, while hope, drives us forward.

    • Phil, I like your thought process and conclusion. I agree that fear holds us back — from being our best selves, from doing our best, from living life to its fullest, and from giving to our fullest. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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