What’s The Opposite Of Fear?

4 thoughts on “What’s The Opposite Of Fear?”

  1. I thought it interesting that the word “courage” was not mentioned in your discussions, though fearless and fearlessness were. Neither here nor there in the scheme though. And, “being mindful.” I think many, if not most, folks may need to be taught how to become mindful. I don’t think, in many cases, a person just decides to become mindful one day. It is learned and practiced, until one “becomes” mindful, generally speaking. Mindfulness is a state of being, as opposed to something one turns on and off. Just my thoughts this a.m. I think you do a marvelous job. Much Love, Peace and Light to you.

    • That is an interesting observation. It’s possible “courage” was mentioned and I either overlooked including it or didn’t see it. It adds to the conversation though, doesn’t it.

      I love your thoughts about mindfulness! Yes, it does take practice and vigilance. I suspect that even after it becomes your way of life you benefit by staying vigilant with your life to stay mindful. But, I guess that vigilance is part of mindfulness. 🙂

      Thanks for your compliment. Peace to you too.

  2. Some months ago now, I asked myself what he opposite of fear was, after being indoctrinated that ‘love’ was its opposite throughout my life via cultural messages and memes.

    After some time, I concluded that hope was it’s opposite. As fear is the motivator that holds us back, stops us from going forward in life, from taking the next step, or doing what needs to be done. I concluded that whatever thrusts us forward might indeed be its opposite. After some time searching and researching, the closest word I could find was ‘hope’. Hope seems to meet the criteria I was looking for. Currently that is my belief system. Fear, in all its forms, holds us back, while hope, drives us forward.

    • Phil, I like your thought process and conclusion. I agree that fear holds us back — from being our best selves, from doing our best, from living life to its fullest, and from giving to our fullest. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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