How To Get More: Less

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  1. Ok Kit, I’m gonna bite on this one. In my perspective I have watched, over my lifetime, the tendency in our culture to want more and more, and yet I don’t always see it equate with happiness or satisfaction. The very first thing that came to mind was the old saying “Less is more”. I’ve experienced it many times. How great does that cup of coffee taste first thing in the morning after sleeping out all night in a tent, maybe in the pouring rain?

    I don’t need to go to a fancy party every night,or have a closet full of evening gowns to feel I have “more”. In fact I’d rather watch a sunset from my front porch most evenings. Is one “more” and one “less” — maybe–but it may depend upon the person or the day. In studies on American culture — we are definitely high on the scale of possessions and options for things to do…. yet on the happy scale we fall far short. Cultures we may consider “poor” by American standards often win in the happiness category. We may feel grumpy, entitled, we complain a lot. Can we even measure it in terms of less and more ( maybe we can) or are we really wanting satisfied minds?. Peaceful minds, loving minds.

    Maybe it isn’t about having more but giving more, sharing more and loving others more. The last idea I’d like to share has to do with music, but it could relate to writing, poetry, graphic art, a movie, a beautifully cherried out 1956 Cadillac, or a pot of perfectly cooked collard greens. In music I’m constantly in awe of how its not about less or more at all — its how it makes you feel. Does it move you?

    The simplest song, lyric, melody, solo can reduce an audience to tears for the sheer beauty of it and yet it may be the most simple rendition you’ve ever heard. And if a beautiful song is over-orchestrated, or a great voice is over-produced it can all be ruined. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you used more notes, more instruments, more complex rhythm, more voices and even had the best voice and the most advanced player. If a beginner feels that song deep in their soul and and can convey it to others authentically — you and everyone in the room will feel it, and there will be this moment of silence while everyone basks in the beauty of that moment.

    Is that moment of soul connection with our own self — When we say more or less, is that what we are really trying to find authentically in our own lives?

  2. Tess, you’ve brought up some valuable points about how “wealthy” the American culture is, but how “unhappy” we are to. To tie this concept to the arts, especially your music, is smart. We get that art moves you and that often less is more, but don’t get to see that in our lives.

    I don’t know how to reply to your last question — about soul connection and authenticity. It feels like a good one — or an insightful observation. Maybe someone else will jump in here with thoughts and reactions.

    Thanks for sharing!


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