Control Freak

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  1. Kit, I think you did a very insightful reflection on the issue of control freak. We all behave like that to various degrees as you illustrated in your article.

    You are correct, this adaptive behavior is fear-driven. It’s not trusting in the process of the unfoldment of life, not trusting in a higher power…..the illusion of control gives us a false sense of certainty and predictability that we all want. It’s really not about other people. We can’t truly manage them, however, we can manage their promises, which is not the same as control.

    Thank you for bringing up this topic and sharing your humanness with us….that’s where people can grow…from real-life stories. In this time of much uncertainty and unpredictability as a result of COVID-19 and our requirement to shelter in place, I can only imagine how many are in fear, thus the behavior of control freak in their homes has been exacerbated. One can’t change what they’re not aware of…timely message! xoxo

    • Thanks for your comments, Karen.

      I hadn’t even gotten so far in my thinking to consider how this is showing up in lock-down homes. Whew! I’d realized that victim-hood comes from being a control freak, at least in some cases. It’s not a pretty picture any way it shows up.

      Stay safe and well.


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