Control Freak vs Standards

Many of my readers connected with various aspects of being a control freak that I pointed out in my article by the same name. It wasn’t surprising to hear comments about seeing how their tendencies affected them and others. Though I hear about the stress at home that’s being reported, I hadn’t stopped to think about that stress would bring out control issues: a reader pointed that out to me.

What I had expected as a response possibility was a defense around standards. I didn’t know if people would argue they should be lowered, raised, or maintained, but I expected to see some comment about that though. So far I haven’t.

But, after publishing the article Control Freak, it occurred to me that standards could indeed be confused with control. No doubt, some standards are meant purely to control others. I think that kind of control deserves evaluation and personal exploration — control is control. That said, I believe standards are an important aspect of life, of creating a better life.

It’s important to have standards of behavior so that you have established your boundaries and levels of morals and defined how you are going to live your life. If standards are going to change, raising them makes the most sense to me. I’m not a fan of lowering standards.

Here’s something to consider: being a control freak is violating your standards. It’s time to take responsibility for your behavior and pull yourself up to meet your standards for yourself.

Here’s the original article: Control Freak

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