Your Productivity Tool Bag

The audience members of Ignite Ridgway I spoke with afterward all commented that they used the Structure component of time management from the tool bag I presented that night. They used it for themselves and/or their kids. ADD runs in families, you know.  🙂  Initially, I thought I’d underestimated my audience and was guilty of speaking to the choir.

Later I realized that only a few told me they’d learned they couldn’t make sweeping changes in their routines so used the Strategy of baby steps. What I realized though, is that not one person talked about the Self Care component, especially taking hourly breaks.

Regardless of what spurs you to want to be more productive, to live a high performance life, it’s vital to take hourly breaks. You not only are more productive when you do that but you also are more refreshed at the end of a busy, productive day when you take hourly breaks.

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