Are You Tied To Your ADD Traits?

Unnecessarily identifying with your ADD traits can create issues making it harder to heal them out move past them. That’s probably true for non-ADDers, too. Here’s story from today. You can be sure I’ll explore other beliefs to see how I’m holding myself back!

Don’t hold yourself back with out-dated beliefs. Learn new ways to deal with your specific ADD/ADHD characteristics and traits. Life will be more satisfying and fulfilling when you learn to embrace healthier options.

I’m learning by reading the Mood Cure that I can minimize many of my ADD traits with proper nutrition, especially with getting specific amino acids into my diet. When food isn’t enough, supplements fill in the gap. If minimizing the impact of ADD in my life is as easy as eating a healthy, balanced diet I’m all for it! How about you?

2 thoughts on “Are You Tied To Your ADD Traits?”

  1. Great video Kit! Love your openness , humour, and learning insight.
    You are an inspiration for all. Sharing your truth shows your human side, and guess what, we all have it.
    Gratitude for you ??

    • Thank you for your kind words, Rebecca.
      I do hope that by sharing and being transparent with my growth in ADD that others can find their own truths, too.


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