So Much To Do!!!

Hi. My name is Kit. I’m a generalist.

Learning new things excites me. It hardly matters what I’m focused on learning, it’s all fun and good!

There’s no end to the topics that interest me to study. Art, piano, horseback riding, tennis, sewing, reading diverse topics, yoga, elements of entrepreneurial business development, singing, meditation, kayaking, cooking, foreign languages, American sign language, video production, cat herding, exercise, health in its multiple departments, feng shui, personalities, and gardening. No doubt I’m leaving a few classes out of this list.

And then there is the variety of jobs and businesses I’ve had through the years: catering and housekeeping, teletype operator and computer programmer, B&B innkeeper and consultant/broker, website developer and manager, EMT and Deputy Coroner, employee and entrepreneur. Oh, and the volunteering opportunities I’ve enjoyed!

Most of those interests have caused the collection of books or materials, have taken time, and await completion or the next step. All of the jobs have fed into each other. I’ve collected wonderful friends along the way of expanding my knowledge base. The world continues to open up at my feet/finger tips and before my eyes because of my broad interests. And the chaos reigns! The number of ways to distract me increases all the time.

It used to seem to me that my taste in topics was eclectic, and that the topics were irrelevant to each other. With time I’ve realized everything fits together into a tidy puzzle, and that everything I’ve studied makes me who I am. This array of interests and activities have led me down the path of an unfocused, unbalanced life. No is a word that can fall out of my vocabulary, leading to what I’ve politely heard referred to as a “full plate”.

Is your plate full? Are you tired of losing things, feeling you have too much to do and what you want to do never gets done, that your life is out of control, or even feeling you don’t know what you really want out of life anymore? Any idea what you are going to do about it? Or, will you save that solution for another day while you look for your cell phone?

If you are like me you can get that way. And when I do, I go back to basics, to the things that I know help me get grounded, calmed, focused, and back in control. With years of practice I’m better about saying “no”, staying balanced and focused, and living a controlled life.

Do you know what those things are in your life, what the basics are? That’s what I want to show you, to teach you. Since I believe that a focused and balanced life creates a joyful life, I’d love to share what I know about getting and keeping that focus, that balance. Creating an environment that’s safe and fun to learn in, to share what I know and introduce you to others who have tips and techniques that work for them, is my intention.

How does my being a generalist benefit you? I’ve created a great “sandbox” and filled it with diverse knowledge, knowledge that can help you create the life you want to live. I have a bit of knowledge in a wide and diverse range of topics. Along the way I’ve met people who know cool things, things that take you deep into their specialty; these are people I will be introducing you to along the way. And as I meet other people with cool things to add to my sandbox of living in focused energy, I’ll introduce you to them too.

Living your life, not the life others want you to have for their convenience, is satisfying and rewarding. Join me! Get back to basics. Get focused and balanced. And have fun in the sandbox with others doing the same thing.

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