How To Get More: Less

This is the first in a series on how to get more….

I saw a Facebook post that stated everyone really wants the same thing – more. More love, more money, more friends, more toys, more promotions, etc. The idea intrigued me, so I told my Facebook friends about the post and asked them what they wanted more of. The answers were eye opening! And fun.

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Energy Vampires

What did you pick up from last week’s blog post on generating your own energy? You were at least reminded of things you knew to do but may have slipped out of the habit of doing. Hopefully you picked up one new habit along the way.

Another energy drain in your life is distraction. Part of the reason distraction is an energy drain is because it takes multiple, frequent decisions. Decision making burns glucose. I talked about that in the blog post “Kit, Help Me Say ‘No’” . Designing your day so that you have as few distractions as possible is more energy conserving than just going with the flow and hoping to get everything done. And that makes for a more productive day too.

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Energize Me!

Have you practiced saying “no” to more things this last week? Is that habit making your life more focused and productive? How has saying “no” impacted your energy? If saying no has allowed you to more successfully structure a productive day then you should be making fewer daily or hourly decisions, and thus you should have more energy. Right? I hope so!

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Kit, Help Me Say ‘No’.

A friend asked for help in saying ‘No’ more — he’s overwhelmed and stressed.

Yes is the way we live: it’s positive, generous, accommodating, and serving. From an early age we are taught to share of our toys and our time. We continue that pattern into adulthood, adding money to the equation of giving. And the busier life gets, the more opportunity there is to say yes.

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Chaos Is Like A Carousel

Carousels and chaos have so much in common, from my way of thinking. They go ’round and ’round, parts go up and down, there’s noise, and people, and moving parts — just lots going on. One difference is that people enjoy carousels but think they should rid their lives of chaos. I think that the attitude of not having chaos in your life needs to be explored.

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Choose A Meaningful, Connected Life

I believe that as a society in general we are overwhelmed, over booked, over weight and unhealthy, exhausted, scared, and uncertain. We want to have meaningful, connected lives. We want lives that we control and direct. Until we start making choices that support our desire for connection, a sane pace and schedule, and for health on all levels, we will continue to be overwhelmed, over booked, over weight and unhealthy, exhausted, scared and uncertain.

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