Negative Cycles

4 thoughts on “Negative Cycles”

  1. Love those mantras. My mother is the primary negative person in my life. I find that any time I am around her I become more negative and critical. Does that happen to you? Takes me weeks to fight my way out of it, and gratitude IS the big stick for that fight. I will try your mantras, too. Just struck me as the perfect tools. Thanks, Kit.

    • Kate, my mom became an incredibly negative woman as her dementia took over her brain. Before that, she hid her negativity with digging comments to me. Yeah, being around that increased my negative and critical responses to situations and people. Maybe that’s where my Black Monster came from. It’s taken work and mantras to overcome those trained responses.

      Congratulations on working against the negative cycles and for the positive attitude.

    • LOL! There were actually several people rolled into one for this story, Janet. The “one” tea took place over several weeks. I took a bit of artistic license to create this article. The essence is true, the facts are mildly altered to protect the innocent. 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the article.


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