Checking In For Success

2 thoughts on “Checking In For Success”

  1. I totally depend on lists. When our house was on the market I had a list of cleaning chores for showing dates. When we discovered we had a good offer I had lists of lists!! Then we made those lists… couldn’t have gotten through it all without them. When My husband had his table business going we had multiple lists to keep us on track to hit deadlines. Daily life requires lists for groceries, honeydos, special projects, trips, and on and on. Go ahead, call me anal. You won’t be the first. Lists give me peace of mind that we’ve remembered it all, and a comfortable illusion of having some control over life!

  2. I love the multiple ways you use checklists, Kate. If you have friends/family calling you anal, they don’t understand the power of checklists. Bravo for you for understanding that power and using it to your benefit.

    So, did the article give you ideas for other ways of using checklists? Ways to expand your use of them?


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