In response to a cognitive test I took, and learning that I need to focus on focusing (oooh, look at that shiny butterfly!), I started reading Jim Kwik’s book “Limitless”. Jim teaches people how to learn, think, and read — among other things. He introduced the concept of unlimiting very early in the book. What a beautiful concept! And how appropriate for those who struggle with their potential.

According to dictionaries, unlimiting means not limiting. Jim Kwik’s definition in his book Limitless goes into more detail and resonates with me — it’s a more compelling definition. According to Jim, it means the act or process of casting aside inaccurate and restrictive perceptions of one’s potential and embracing the reality that, with the right mindset, motivation, and methods, there are no limitations.

The key to becoming limitless is unlearning false assumptions. You’ve learned limits from the people and situations in your life. You’ve created stories about yourself from what you’ve learned, and you keep repeating those stories as if they are true, holding yourself back from your potential. These limiting beliefs can be revealed in your self-talk; you know, that inner conversation that focuses on your limits, what you can’t do.

When your limiting beliefs are in control, which is very common, you can find yourself stuck in a pattern of underachieving, not believing you can do more, and “knowing” you don’t deserve more. Ick!

Turning It Around

Since you learned these limits and stories, you can unlearn them — if you want, know how, and work toward it. You can change the conversation to cover what you excel at and what you can do today and in the future. When you realize that the limits shrink your world, and cages your dreams, I hope you’ll want to peel those limits away and enter an unlimiting way of thinking and living. I hope you’ll create new stories that support living into your best self and reaching your dreams and goals.

One great way to change your story is to change your focus, and you do that through questions of yourself. Ask questions that challenge what’s happening, what you are thinking and feeling, and what you could do to change those things.

You have choices about your life. The path you are on, the thoughts you hold, and the circumstances you are in can all be different than they presently are. That’s where “unlimiting” comes in. When you teach yourself how to expand your mindset and apply unlimiting thinking to your choices, actions, dreams, and goals, you can live in a way you never have before, or even thought possible! You’ll live in ways others haven’t, can’t, or won’t.

Each day you are accountable for who you are and who you become. That accountability encompasses your attitudes, circumstances, assumptions, and potential. When you accept that accountability, your potential and power grow remarkably. That accountability is your responsibility. And as Jim told Stan Lee, “With great responsibility comes great power”.

Take a moment to explore your inner recesses for who you want to be and what you want to do. Do you have the answer? What image can you conjure up that illustrates who you are, or want to be and do? Does looking at that image give you a sense of power? Does feeling who you could be and what you could do give you a sense of power?

Power Up!

When you are open to an unlimiting way of thinking and living, you’ll allow your power to come forth. Do you realize what that can do for you? If you find this difficult, consider a coach who knows how to guide you.

It’s worth it; think of the strength you will have to face life’s challenges and to strive for your dreams. You can accomplish so much more when you unshackle your strengths, power, and imagination and pursue your potential. You can be so much more when you accept the responsibility of being your best you.

Change the story you tell yourself about your limits and start telling yourself stories about your potential, your abilities, and how good it will feel to reach your goals and dreams.

The key to making yourself limitless is unlearning false assumptions and get to your truth. That will help you develop the right mindset, motivation, and methods to live a life of no limitations.

Unlimiting is your secret sauce in tapping your superpowers and creating your ideal life.

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