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We’ve had so much fun during these events. You can plan for where you are going and what you are going to see, but you can’t plan for the serendipitous moments that you’ll experience. Isn’t that one reason we travel — for the surprises? One benefit you receive is also the growth and transformation that comes from being out of your daily, normal routine and from being in new situations.

2019: Scireland


This was the trip of a lifetime. I wouldn’t have even attempted this on my own, but Kit’s confidence gave me the courage to travel with her. Am I glad I did! I thought I might have one more adventure in me, and Kit’s trip to the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland sounded just right.

The trip was a great blend of organized outings and independent exploration, though the small group tended to do everything together anyway. It was a congenial group of people, something I give Kit credit for creating.

I wasn’t easy to coach because Kit asked questions that I wasn’t accustomed to thinking about. But I did think. A lot. In the process of Kit’s coaching, I came to realize that I have an excellent life. I came home much more contented than when I left, with a feeling of accomplishment.

Kit guided us to see sights and tour museums that some of us wouldn’t have chosen on our own. But we were all glad we followed her. We traveled by bus, train, ferry, and on foot. I kept up and I am still savoring the memories.

Ann T, Chicago, IL

2019 Porto Camino

Testimonial: travel details.

Kit is an avid researcher and willingly shares a great deal of her knowledge as well as her zest for life. Her previous experience on the French Camino inspired me to walk the Portuguese Way and her guidance helped me accomplish a dream.

Kit’s advice and guidance in the pre-arrangements of our trip were essential. Her assistance with packing lists and gear selection proved invaluable.

Hostels and albergues were challenging for me. Sharing sleeping arrangements with people who I don’t know put me out of my comfort zone. Following Kit’s guidance, I learned how to manage and even enjoy these unique situations. The night there wasn’t room for us in the alberque and we had to sleep in a barn turned out to be one of my favorite experiences. It brought out a real feeling of camaraderie among fellow pilgrims.

During our days together Kit would always be thinking ahead to the next steps while I was able to try to concentrate on just keeping on foot in front of the other. Although our trip was exhausting and we were challenged with lots of rain, Kit always kept a positive attitude.

Kit’s energy level is abounding. She shares her energy with everyone she encounters, frequently engaging in interactions with fellow travelers, locals, and children through various languages and pantomime in a playful manner. Her smile and attitude win over everyone regardless of language barriers. I could not have asked for a better companion and guide on the Camino. Ultreia, which means onward and upward with joy, is a greeting of the Camino. It implies encouragement to keep going, reaching beyond, and heading onward. Kit embodies that phrase. I know I would have taken a bus, train, taxi, uber or even a donkey at times if it weren’t for Kit and her encouragement. But now I have the satisfaction of knowing I found my way on the Camino in the true pilgrim spirit!

Donna R, Cleveland, OH

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