Transformation Travel: ScIreland

“ScIreland” is the first trip in my “Transformation Travel” program. I will personally be leading this excursion, accompanied by my husband, Randy of

Inverness, Scotland — yep, we’ll be there! (Click to see larger)

As you may know, I am a High Performance Coach. High Performance is succeeding beyond standard norms consistently over the long term while maintaining well-being and positive relationships. That leads to the ongoing feeling of full engagement, joy, and confidence that comes from consistently living from your best self. I guide entrepreneurs to transform their lives from adequate to excellent using the High Performance framework.

Transformation Travel was born out of my experience in walking the Camino de Santiago. Transformation Travel isn’t just a trip to look at the sights. It’s a trip to help you face, with the help of a guide, fears, anxieties, and unknown issues that can crop up when traveling. Last May, I walked the Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile pilgrimage across northern Spain. It took 35 days, and I carried everything I needed on my back (except food: that was purchased along the way, or provided by the hostels that line the route).

Me at the 100km-to-go marker on the Camino de Santigo in Galicia, Spain

Along the way, I saw the pilgrims deal with their lives, their fears, and their problems. Everyone did it differently and with varying degrees of success. The fears and problems faced can include not knowing what to do with your life, dealing with past abuses or unhappy relationships, and uncertainty about upcoming transitions. Some of the fears were presented by the trip itself: where will I sleep tonight, can I find food that fits my diet, what if I get lost or hurt/sick, or even not knowing the language.

One of the things I learned while walking was that by being out of your home environment and daily routine, combined with the talking to other pilgrims and forward movement of walking each day, each participant was enabled to have what I call breakthrough transformations. Especially when guided by an experienced coach, such breakthroughs help facilitate reaching the life you want, and the clarity to get more.

This is one of many trips to come. You can also consider the trips to Japan in October 2019 and China (details still forming) in Spring 2020. Future trip ideas include Juneau Bays to Glaciers, Machu Pichu, and one or more of the (US) National Trails.

A piper in Glasgow, Scotland

The Difference…

This isn’t a typical guided tour. This is personalized and small. You aren’t going to be on a bus with five dozen other people. You won’t be rushed around a country with a different city and bed each night. The trip is a slow-travel, deep dive approach, as promoted by Jen Sparks in her book, Slow Travel. It’s personalized to the cities and events that fit with the concept of experiential travel, with the transformations I know are possible when you give them the time and space.

This also isn’t a cookie-cutter trip. This is carefully crafted with time for introspection provided for so you can connect with your thoughts and feelings of what we are seeing each day and what the intention of the day is. You’ll have free-time interwoven with the scheduled time. What a perfect combination for growth. I’ll handle details of where we’ll stay and how we’ll get from point to point. You’ve got it made: the perfect combination of elements to find your path to the life you want, moving through the fear, confusion, or transition you’re in right now.

Beyond Sightseeing

Sure we’ll enjoy the things to see and do on this trip. In addition, I will guide you through a carefully and scientifically designed curriculum each day to help you move forward into the life you want, helping you to replace old bad habits with new, supporting habits.

We’ll start each day with a lesson topic to set the intention — something to process during your day as you move through your experiences. At the end of each day, Randy and I will hold a debriefing so the group can talk about their thoughts and reactions.

The group coaching, combined with the travel elements, will help each traveler to transform their lives from adequate to excellent — to experience more joy, clarity, and energy.

Glendalough, Ireland, outside Dublin.

The Specifics

If this sounds intriguing, and you’re available April 27-May 10 (plus travel time on either end), then this trip is for you. We’re still finalizing the plans and itinerary with Scotland and Ireland travel professionals, but here are the basics.

We will spend three days and nights in each of four cities, plus one night in Glasgow on the way to Inverness. All transportation during the trip will be surface-based. Among the highlights:

  • Dublin: City exploration, drive to Glendalough for nature and ruins.
  • Belfast: Titanic Museum, city tours, drive to Giant’s Causeway for walking and exploring.
  • Glasgow: Distillery tour, city exploration.
  • Inverness: City exploration, drive to Culloden Battlefield & Loch Ness.
  • Edinburgh: Holyroodhouse Palace, Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle, Royal Yacht Britannia, walking along the river or crossing the hills in the city.
Edinburgh, Scotland

Inter-city transportation, 4-star lodging, breakfasts, and tour costs/excursions are included. Beverages/alcohol and other meals are extra, and you are on your own to arrive in Dublin for the start of the tour, and leave from Edinburgh at the end.

The itinerary is set, but the cost isn’t quite — but we are striving to keep it in the range of US$5,000, based on double occupancy. A deposit by check of $1,500 per person — which won’t be cashed until you and I agree all is well — will be required once you’re accepted for this trip.

The Titanic Museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Packing List

I highly recommend traveling lightly so you don’t have to wrestle with your luggage. Given the changing weather patterns here, wear layers, and make one of them a waterproof cover. Randy and I have gone so far as to get galoshes to put on over our walking shoes — lightweight and waterproof. Bring Euros and Pounds with you for your purchasing ease. A credit card with no international fees is nice, too. Regarding charging your electronics, bring a Type G adapter and be prepared for 230v/50Hz electricity.

As we get closer I’ll share more about how to pack light, yet have plenty of layers at the same time.

Next Steps

If you’re as excited to be “in” as I am, please give us some information so I can call and tell you more on the phone.

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