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Living In The Round

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Circles and curves are part of life and nature and are involved in many important aspects of life.

round table Going round in circles
round the campfire
shoulder to shoulder

Round table means everyone is equal, no head or rank
Circle symbolizes the infinite, the cosmos
When sitting in a circle, everyone can see everyone else, improving communication and shoulder to shoulder support

Labyrinth – going into the self and then out again

The importance of a ceremonial circle is to align with the universal patterns of life. Ceremony is used to create balance and instigate positive change. It reminds us that we are connected with creation and not separate as our thinking mind perceives.

Wisdom circles. Fresh energy, heightened vibrations. Heart. Connecting to others.
Ceremonies evoke energies to create change, to honor, to acknowledge
Circle increases focus and energy, and flow
Circle: strength, protection, equality, passing of time,
soft, safety, happiness
integrating more fully into your natural surroundings


A Coaching Retreat is a good way to get started with coaching (or continue what you started) in an amazing atmosphere with a small group of people. Get away from your daily routine and responsibilities. Participate in the planned bonding activities.

In a gorgeous mountain location, you’ll explore what you want your life to look like, how you are going to get there. The days will be a blend of conversation and “naturing” to find clarity. For the “naturing” part of the days, it’s up to you to explore the circles in nature and your mind to get deeper into the concepts you’re learning to achieve your breakthroughs. See how nature improves your thinking and emotions.

That’s the magic this Coaching Retreat offers.

I’ll be guiding you from the perspective of an expert coach who has been helping others transform their lives for more than 30 years. The focus of my coaching is a Life Well Lived with Longevity and Mindset as undertones. [What that means to you is developing a Life Plan that creates a map for you to use to navigate from where you are to where you want to be.] OR [The theme for this retreat is Resilience. ]

Mt. Sneffles, one of the many “14ers” — mountain peaks of 14,000′ or higher!  (Click any of the photos to see them larger.)

What’s Involved

The Coaching: In an intimate setting with a handful of people, you will be guided through the core concepts of L.I.F.E. University. Most of my coaching sessions are experienced like this: an hour per week of discussion slipped into the middle of a busy life, followed by pondering and a “homework” assignment into your busy week so you submit it before the next session.

In contrast, at my retreat, you focus solely on Resilience. Each half-day, you participate in a 1-1.5 hour-long session then break for a couple of hours to “nature”  before lunch. After lunch, there’s another 1-1.5 hour session to keep you moving forward and then a couple of hours for homework before dinner. After dinner, there is conversation and various activities to help you bond with the others and the new you that’s emerging.

You have free time after each coaching session to walk or sit in a beautiful setting to focus on what you are learning, and how you can apply it to your goals and your life. After each “homework session” there will be more conversation about the topic you just finished contemplating, helping you to fine-tune your thoughts before you go on the next topic. This routine continues for four days.

There are seven sessions in all: four nights and four days of intense work with the goal of a breakthrough, or two, to leap forward from the merely adequate to the path of excellence and significant progress toward your goals.

The Environment: You’ll be at Ridgway State Park in western Colorado, with amazing views of the San Juan Range of the Rocky Mountains (yet just 30 minutes from an airport with daily passenger jet service — the same airport that serves the Telluride ski area).

It’s a peaceful area that’s awe-inspiring in its beauty. Mountain views. The reservoir. The crisp clean air is invigorating, and allows for spectacular views at night, too — the Milky Way and a heaven filled with stars and meteors!

Who Should Attend

Everyone who wants to create more resilience in their lives, resilience that will help them live a life well lived and/or to approach and enter their Elder Years with confidence in their health, wealth, and happiness. People are living longer. If you want to be prepared for an extended life, this is the coaching workshop for you. Now is the time to create that plan.

Do you have a feeling that you need to make more of your life, to overcome the resistance that holds you back? You’re ready for the next level of joy, and energy. You want to make more of yourself and make a bigger mark on the world. This is for people who believe in taking leaps, in taking chances because they know it’s worth it. They also know life is meant to be experienced. They want their beliefs to mold to higher ideals.

And you’re not sure how.


Partners, married or not, should absolutely experience this together if at all possible! With a common understanding of what you need to do to reach your goals, you will be able to support each other to multiply the coaching effect. And of course, you save money when you come and bed together.


The Retreat starts Wednesday, April 19, 2023, and runs through Saturday, April  22, 2023.  Plan on arriving by 2 pm Wednesday and checking out Sunday by noon.

Kicking off your week of introspection and learning with some quiet time and then dinner with a discussion about what the retreat is going to look like. We’ll Strategize about what the retreat experience holds for you, explore the topics that will be covered, and talk about how you are going to weave nature and circles into your growth and learning. “Set your intention” for the next day, and for the retreat in general.

Arrive in the area a day or two early if at all possible. This lets you get acclimated, and gives you padding in case of a flight delay. Fly into Montrose, Colorado (MTJ), and stay in Montrose for your first night or two. The best hotels in Montrose are the Hampton Inn near the airport or the Holiday Inn in town, but there are also some other fun and good hotels to choose from. Consider staying a few days longer to explore the area, now that you are acclimated.

There are car rentals available at the airport, and limited Lyft service is available.


The tuition for this retreat, including the coaching, room, and hot springs entrance is barely more than 4 sessions of private, one-on-one coaching: $1,250.

Included: All coaching sessions, retreat materials, lodging, and coffee/tea service. If you prefer not to rent a car, we can pick you up at the Montrose airport or a Montrose-based hotel, and return you at the end.

Not included: Travel to and from Montrose, Colorado, and your home, other local transportation, and any alcohol or incidentals. I highly recommend you not drink alcohol during the retreat.

Packing List

  • I highly recommend traveling lightly so you don’t have to wrestle with your luggage. And I recommend dressing comfortably.
  • Given the variable weather in Colorado’s mountains, bring several layers. Be prepared for temperature extremes. You may enjoy snow-capped peaks sparkling in the sun or a snowstorm. The temperature range is  29-52 degrees F (-2-11 degrees C). The joys of Colorado weather await you!
  • A sleeping bag or bed roll.
  • Headlamp, lantern, or flashlight.
  • Swimsuit and towel.
  • A sky map app on your phone.
  • Food for 4 days. We can’t cook in the yurt but there’s a grill and I’ll have a camp stove for your use. There is a microwave.

I truly look forward to working with you!

Book Here Now to ensure your space, which as you’ve seen is extremely limited.

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