Longevity Coaching Strategy Session Questionnaire

When you feel it’s time to step up to your dream life, it’s time to hire a coach. Personal growth is faster and more effective with guidance — the kind of guidance I offer. I’d love to coach you to manage your energy for optimal vibrancy so that you can self-actualize the life you want.

When you Live In Focused Energy, you are able to keep moving toward your dream life. It takes knowing your Why, or your purpose, and letting it guide you through the twists and turns that make life interesting and challenging at the same time. This critical alignment helps you maintain your beliefs and values by staying in integrity with yourself. It’s my passion to guide you, give you the tools you need, and help you develop shifts in your mindset so you can map your path from where you are, to the life of your dream. To empower yourself, you need energy and optimal vibrancy, and that’s what my coaching will guide you to develop.

You may want to get a taste of what coaching is like, or better understand if I am the person to help you on that journey. To find out, let’s do a one-hour deep dive that is designed to let us explore what you want and need in creating your dream life.  It’s my goal to give you massive value during the session. If you get that, you’ll want to continue with my coaching program where your growth will continue.

Goal: To coach you to manage your energy for optimal vibrancy so you find joy sharing your gifts with the world throughout your empowered life.

Please answer the questions below and on the following pages to the best of your ability. Then submit your responses to me so we can book a call. You won’t be able to submit the form until the required fields have answers. There’s a way for you to save your progress at the bottom of the form if you want to take a break.

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