Live Your Truth

Sheer determination and purpose. With its head thrown back, wings pressed against its body, and its feathers barely moving from the speed of the movement, the phoenix rose from the ashes on a mission. What a vision of transformation as it relates to living your truth and celebrating life!

That was the visualization I had during an exercise in a conference I recently attended when the speaker asked us to explore our reaction to our discussions around fear, ambition, and who we want to be. A feeling of dramatic power came over me as the discussion went on.

It was a powerful visualization for me. I could feel it, hear it, and see it vividly. It made me realize that it was time to live my truth more than I thought I had been.

It got me to thinking about you, wondering if you live your truth fully. What do you think about that?

Life feels as if it has purpose when you’re connected and expressing your feeling of uniqueness. Your truth is the expression of your uniqueness, your values, and who you are. Being connected and feeling unique are requirements for living your truth. Your life has more power when you live your truth. Life has joy when you can celebrate your life with your truth.

That now leads me to ask you if you’re stuck in your old patterns, patterns that have you locked within a concept of who you think you should be and how you should act. If you are stuck, is that satisfying? Or, is it time for a change?

Think about the fear, an element of being stuck, you have about different things and the fear that holds you back. What are your ambitions, especially the secret ones you harbor for your life? Can you identify who you are or want to be in one to three words? Spin these questions into a personal conversation and feel the power you get from looking within and the answers you start uncovering. It’s a worthwhile exploration and conversation.

When you finish the first round of that conversation — there will be many rounds as you grow through life — do you start to see your patterns and how they impact you, hold you back?

If you think it’s time to get unstuck and to transform your life, keep having that conversation with yourself and close friends and people with insights you respect. Dig deeper and deeper. Think of this exploration as digging for gold, the gold of who you are but haven’t fully expressed yet.

Huh. When I typed “digging for the gold” I was only thinking of the going deeper aspect of having this conversation. As I reread the paragraph, though, I got a second meaning — that of going for the gold, an action Olympic athletes take to keep striving to be better at their craft. Their craft is their sport. Your craft is your life. Oh, I love that!

It’s my hope for you that you do go for the gold and that you live your truth daily.

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