Hate Is a Powerful Word

2 thoughts on “Hate Is a Powerful Word”

  1. Good article. For some reason I have known this since childhood and curtailed urges to use the word. I agree, it is a powerful word, carries low vibrations and can be quite inflammatory to others when used. I try not to use the word at all. While we are on the subject of speaking ones truth with precision and integrity, a current kind of peeve for me is often hearing people of “the herd” use the catch phrase “to die for.” They are describing something that was wonderful, from food to cars to a concert or most anything really enjoyed. Seems like an oxymoron to me and, if one must use catch phrases, I would much prefer the use of the phrase, “to LIVE for,” which has a higher vibration and is closer to accurate.

    • It’s interesting to me that you had that insight as a child, Janet. I like your description with “low vibrations” — that covers it well; it inflames everyone who hears it, whether they recognize that or not. Low vibrations do that.

      I hadn’t heard that phrase “to die for” in a very long time until you brought it up. I just heard it again today! And another one that has long made me nervous is “I could kill for…”, as “I could kill for an ice cream”. That feels like a low vibration phrase, too.

      Thanks for continuing the conversation and pushing my thinking.


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